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Water Sentry: Optimized Support build for Dungeons/Fractals

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#31 Dasryn


    Seraph Guardian

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Posted 11 December 2012 - 12:13 AM

hey dos!!! listen, i stumbled across this thread a while back and my wife said she explicitly wanted to heal so i decided to give your build a chance despite the guardian haterade being drunk and i can honestly say this build works like a charm in a dungeon setting!!!

between #3 and #5 water attuned staff skills, frost bow - #1 skill is spammable heal - and water attuned elemental elite skill, you never have to stop healing!!!

my wife is liking her ele more and i wanna show some appreciation!  thank you man!

#32 Dusty Friday

Dusty Friday

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Posted 11 December 2012 - 01:50 AM

Well, DOS obviously put in some good work for the sake of creating this thread and presenting his build, to which I say 'thanks'!

This is, first of all, an Elementalist forum, so having someone suggest changing class is not really a welcome commentary, like, at all. I am not convinced that Guardians are better healers by a long shot. This is not easily debatable, if not impossible to truly determine. I haven't played Guardian that much, but I'm sure both professions are capable enough when it comes to healing and support.

I can sympathize with Rickter's wife, as I personally wouldn't choose an offensive build/gear over defensive. Healing as an Ele has been the most fun I've had in GW2 so far. And I would never change that for the Guardian, even if they offered better raw output. I could care less about your golden stats, Senatic, in a game where movement and positioning are much, much more important. Furthermore, your attempt in comparing what the two classes can offer is futile, as the things you've written are wrong and don't serve as a good example at all. For instance - it's not called 'Tidal Wave', it's called 'Cleansing Wave' and when traited the CD goes down to 32 sec, which is more like a 30 rather than a 40. Trident goes to 16 respectively. These are not minor differences. I hope you realize no one will play a healer without speccing as a healer, so your comment seems like an attempt to make our class appear weak in its ability to heal, which is just wrong.

Back on topic, I'd like to try out your build, might even invest in the proper gear. I am not fully convinced that I should drop my Pre/Vit/HPower gear for a full Tough/Power/HPower set of armor, though. I am currently running a mixture of stats and it goes as follows:

Attack: 2,618 (1.6k power)
Crit chance: 23% (23 critical damage)
Armor: 2330 (1,410 toughness)
Health: 16.6k / Healing Power : 1,226

Traited 20/10/10/30/0
Runes of the monk and water mixture

It's basically an auramancer build, which I think goes well with healing and S/D as your weapon set.

So the question here is - is it worth it to invest into a little bit more toughness and healing, while sacrificing the crit? Keep in mind that I am an auramancer, which means that me and the rest of the party (given that they stay somewhat close to me) have virutally permanent swiftness and fury up (so critical damage is closer to 50% when I don't use my fire signet) as well as protection. Yes, the auramancer is already kind of washed up and I bet a lot of people are bored with it. You also need to sacrifice at least 2 of your utility spells (signets are still very useful, providing immobilize and AoE blind). 1.2k healing is not that far from 1.3k healing, so my heals are pretty much the same as yours. But with my build I can crit much more, so it's somewhat offensive as well.

I'll have to test out yours tomorrow and see how it feels. Kind of miss staff anyways.

Oh, and I really think you should switch up your main heal, unless you absolutely want to have that extra water field (I've actually never used this spell, it does provide a combo field, right?) 45 sec is too much of a cooldown. The Glyph and Ether Renewal are better choices, I believe. You can always switch up to your seed if the specific encounter requires it, that's the beauty of these spells. They are not written in stone and you can change them as you go.


Spent some gold and finished my gear, now having all of my Trinkets + Weapons dedicated to Power / Toughness / Healing Power, and almost all of my armor to Vitality / Crit / Healing Power (1 piece is P/T/HP). Runes are 3 Monk and 3 Water.
This adds up to:

16,005 Health / 1,440 Healing Power
1,497 Toughness
18% Raw Crit chance (23% with signet + 20% from fury) and 10 critical damage
2,592 Attack / 1,597 Power

The dps has gone down a bit, due to changing 2 rings and 1 armor piece, so I'll have to see if I can feel any difference the next time I do fractals.

Edited by Dusty Friday, 11 December 2012 - 02:21 AM.

#33 Dusty Friday

Dusty Friday

    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 11 December 2012 - 03:04 PM

OK, I had the chance to test out your build (gear wasn't exactly the same, but it was close enough). Now I feel that I've got something to comment on, as simple theorycrafting just doesn't work as well as it used to in Guild Wars 1.

First of all, let's discuss the benefits of the Staff build:

* It has very decent range, both in terms of attacking and combo fields.
* The condition removal can be very helpful if used to the full potential.
* A lot of survivability, but this is focused on the individual, not the whole party.
* Faster attunement swap and greater boon duration, due to the points spent in Arcane tree.
* Decent amount of toughness, but not the best due to 0 points spent in Earth tree.

Then the weaknesses:

* Healing depends on your combo fields a lot, which is not good in my opinion. Players just manage to dodge out of the Geyser almost all the time, it's just absurd. Some don't even use the Healing Rain field, which is absolutely huge and impossible to not get noticed.
* The utility is mostly focused on me, not the party. And it's just not that useful for me either. Yes, I can survive almost anything but my team is dead. I would even prefer to take Cleansing Fire rather than Arcane Shield, simply because breaking out of stun and conditions serves a better role, in my view at least.
* Staff damage with this build is very low, Fireballs hitting for 600-700 normal at Fractals 15-16. Crit damage is very low, hardly ever see any crits.
* Overall support for my team is weaker than the support I can provide with the S/D Auramancer build.

So this is why I chose to roll back to my old build:


* Healing skills depend on your positioning and aim, not the rest of the team. You have to be careful with wave, as it heals only around you, and your Water trident heal is aimed entirely by you.
* Overall, I think this build provides more healing output than the Staff. I've been using it for a while and with this I can fill up players easily. Someone from my team WILL bring a water field. This means I can throw a number of blast finisher AoE heals using my Earth spells, as well as my fire spells and perhaps Arcane Wave, if I decide to switch one of my signets for it. With the staff you only rely on your Earthquake to provide a blast heal or any other kind of blast.
* I provide a ton of swiftness and fury and some protection, which is a short-lived buff. This can be improved upon by using 2 Superior Water, 2 major water and 2 Superior Monk runes for the biggest boon duration increase. These boons are not to be underestimated, as I feel they bring a lot to the party.
* My utility skills can't deliver a 100% escape from death, but they do provide support and offense and the same time. Signet of Fire can be kept up for crit or used for a long burn, Signet of Air is superb as it has a very nice AoE range and inflicts Blind - this has saved me before many times. Signet of Earth/Water provide a good snare.
* And finally - damage. With the S/D build your dps is A LOT more, despite of the shorter attacking range and the need for me to get in melee range at times, which is not so bad actually. I tend to focus on might stacking and this can be easily felt as my fire spells begin critting for 4-5k (not a lot, I know), rather than 600-700 normal and ~1k crits. I can stack might very fast by dropping a fire field, using Phoenix, Tooth, EQ and CE, and perhaps Arcane Wave. This is effective for any situation, depending on what combo fields you want to use and have access to.

Where my build is weak:

* Short range for attacking.
* Lack of variety in combo fields
* Less personal protection and survivability, but this depends on your positioning and team at times.
* Longer CDs on attunement swaps, which I don't find so bothering to be fair.

With my full healing gear (no ascended rings for healing yet, unfortunately) I reach 1,440 healing power, 2.6k Power + the might stacks, 40-50% crit, depending on signet usage, 16k hp, 1,667 toughness (in earth, 1,587 out of earth, 1,497 w/o signet). And if you check out the build page - you will see I use Sigil of Bloodlust + Sigil of Life, while sometimes I swap my dagger for another one - with sigil of water. BL + Life stack up fast and if you don't die you will find yourself with pretty nice stats most of the time, both in terms of offense and defense.

I'm interested in hearing your thoughts about the two builds. In my view the Auramancer seems superior in almost every way.

Edited by Dusty Friday, 11 December 2012 - 03:13 PM.

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