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Scoundrel and Bounty Hunter

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Posted 22 November 2012 - 07:10 PM

A mini-game/activity idea.

There was a few bounty hunter suggestion before, here is another variation of it.

In various location, there are an added place call "Hideouts". There, you can enlist (if there is an opening) to take part in a scoundrel activity, which will randomly give you a quest (Like go to Point A, stay in game for 1hour, Kill X and Y mobs, ambush a trade route, rub bank X, etc) Most can be perform alone, but some might match you up with a small party. Most of those quest have some restriction too (like a time limit, your waypoint will be disabled, etc)

On the other side, there are several location of Bounty Boards. There, you can get job tackling the scoundrel's quest. (it will do a matching, so the bounty only open up when there is a scoundrel) Your job is to stop the scoundrel player (who will be treated as red mobs), or defend an area/npc.

The game will try to match the scoundrel and bounty hunter as best as possible (like by location, how many bounty hunter per scoundrel, etc).

The reward, beside the usual exp/gold/karma/random item, you also get Tokens base on your performance.

The goal is to bring more human element into quest, as well as the randomness of a open world PvP game. Kinda like Hide-and-Seek, but using the game's map as play ground.
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