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Fresh lvl80 warrior noob of hell needs help

for real.

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#1 noobofdoomofhell


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Posted 22 November 2012 - 10:21 PM

sup guys! 1. sorry for my bad english i try my best.. but its not my main language

well well

im a warrior that stopped playing gw2 4-5weeks after release. now im back since 1week and hit lvl 80

but i have NO idea which builds are good.. any suggestions?

i dont only mean the builds like 20 stats in.. there 10.. this also BUT

i also have no idea about which runes i have to sock in the items and more.

what do i want to play? well.. not 100% sure yet!

i think for first.. i would prefer a PvE solo build with 2hand sword and bow (duo some gold from guild i could get 2 weapons for lvl 80) but if that is bad please tell me.

the hardest question for me is:

lets say i want a pve solo build and a second build to be a full support dude.

WHICH stats on weapons/armor i have to look for in the future? same for runes of course

some help and advice would be really nice

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#2 Brand


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Posted 22 November 2012 - 11:05 PM

Ok so, you want:
1) A build using a Greatsword (Two-handed) and a Longbow that you can solo with.
2) A full support build using the same runes as #1.

Well, any build with a Greatsword will almost definitely use a Rifle over a Longbow because the Rifle synergizes so much better. That said, you will not be able to make a support build and a solo build have the same runes while still being optimal in both of those scenarios. That's like saying you want two different meals with the same topping on both. You wouldn't put ketchup on your hotdog and your salad, would you?

So my advice to you: Use a build that gives you a Greatsword, the ability to solo, and a good amount of support.

You won't be able to keep the Longbow (Well, you could, but you said, "if that is bad please tell me." So I'm telling you it's not the best choice here.) but you will get some really nice damage and survivability, and you will get good support for your team (You won't be a "Full Support" but you will still be doing your part).

In saying that, I have the perfect build for you. It's called Sonic Boon, a build I designed with the help of some others. You can find it in my thread, here. The thread details everything you need to know, gear choices, weapons, runes and sigils. It even has a section explaining the Greatsword skills and how to use them.

I'm not going to explain the entire build here as that would take up way too much time and space, however, you should visit the thread. Give it a good read through, read through the comments too, and if by the end you have any questions please feel free to ask them in a comment.

Hope this helps, and don't forget to rate the thread if you like the build! :D
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#3 MrCats


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Posted 24 November 2012 - 02:45 AM

Assess what weapons you enjoyed playing with. From there you can then pick a build direction that you are going to enjoy. Best advice is to not limit your choices in anyway.
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