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A modified build designed for Fractals and many dungeons

staff scepter focus greatsword guardian altruistic healing rolls soldier emerald precision

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#1 Playboy


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Posted 24 November 2012 - 08:46 PM

Any comments would be appreciated.

After debating between using Venyarth's guardian build and Strife025's guardian build, I've found a nice middle-ground that makes it much easier to deal great amounts of damage and to still be able to survive. Even though it is quite usable in fractals and dungeons, it still works well in WvWvW and most PvE situations.

I took out 10 from honor because, especially in FotM and some dungeons, the benefits of spamming Virtue of Justice greatly outweigh the -20% recharge time, 100 vitality, and 100 healing you could gain from keeping the 10 in honor. In addition, putting the +5 into radiance gives a nice increase to precision while adding the +5 to virtues makes the VoJ spamming even better.
For example, being able to spam VoJ in the dredge fractal while using a staff allows one to maintain high stacks of might (usually around 20 stacks) on everyone nearby while also blinding enemies (though it does not work on the dredge level due to their immunity) and self-healing.
The +5 in virtues also makes using Virtues of Resolve and Courage more beneficial because of the extra healing and retaliation for the group (and even more self-heals from altruistic healing.)

Main Weapon Sets
The staff is a must, with its cone #1 and versatile #2 (goes through enemies and does high damage) for damage, its #3 that can self-heal or damage enemies, and its #4 that might stacks and heals. Instead of using the greatsword, however, I've found the scepter/focus combination to be of much more use. It's long-distance #1 is useful for kiting (ice golem or mining suit especially) and it's #2 is great for AoE bursts and self-heals. The #4 is useful when in any sort of situation that warrants blinding and AoE while the #5 is great for extra protection, especially on 10+ fractals that have the harpy level. That is not to say that I have completely given up the greatsword; I still carry one with me at all times.

My staff, scepter, greatsword, and hammer are all "of Accuracy" (though I am considering changing them to "of perception") and my focus is "of Energy."

Credit goes to Venyarth for the armor types (5x knight's, chest soldier's) though I went with Strife's soldier runes. Having 3 (or 2 when a more defensive setup is warranted) shouts really do help with keeping yourself and the group free from conditions.

Trinkets and Stuff
After sharing my thoughts with another guardian that uses a similar build, I've come to the conclusion that emerald jewels and beryl trinkets really have no purpose in a build like this.
Backpiece Earrings Amulet Rings (both earrings and rings are identical)

My main turnoff for beryl trinkets is that their rings replace 48 of a stat with 3% critical damage, which means 1% critical damage is equal to 16 of a stat. However, the exquisite jewels replace 15 of a stat with 3% critical damage, which means 1% critical damage is 5 of a stat. Replacing emerald jewels with beryl/ruby jewels allows us to maximize damage in the long run in addition to not wasting any precious attribute points. Even with this, I still have enough precision (without any consumables) to maintain 43% crit chance (not counting the 5% boost from sigils.)

At this point in time, I feel that my survivability is great enough to drop the beryl jewels in favor of ruby jewels for the extra 2% crit chance (it seems to round up from 44.52 to 45) instead of the extra 300 health. The extra crit chance would increase my long-term damage from 1.4472 (as shown farther down) to 1.468, which is around a 2% boost in overall damage.

Note that I obtained Bowyer's delight late last night and have not yet been able to tinker with the other stats to return precision to 44-45%, though it is not a major chance at all.

My Stats
Power: 1769
Precision: 1727
Toughness: 1923
Vitality: 1418
Attack: 2869
Critical Chance: 43%
Critical Damage: 54
Armor: 3134
Health: 15825
Healing Power: 200
Overall damage in the long run: 1.4472

In most cases, they look like this or this. The virtue recharge really is amazing with my trait setup. Recharging the latter virtues means an extra heal and block for my allies in addition to several seconds of retaliation and regeneration.

If I use them, Mango Pies are usually what is consumed. The extra vitality and regen are useful while the pies themselves are pretty cheap. I also find that Truffle Ravioli (100 toughness, 70 precision) and Bowls of Curry Pumpkin Soup (100 precision, 70 vitality) are useful as long as money is not a limiting factor.


Thanks to both Venyarth and Strife for showing their fantastic builds and for giving me a reason to continue loving an offensive guardian :3

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#2 Strife025


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Posted 07 December 2012 - 01:19 AM

Alot of your changes are viable, especially with fractals. I personally changed to 0-10-30-20-10 as well because of fractals.

I no longer WvW much, and actually removed some of my soldier gear as well for berserker (obviously runes still remain). I have managed to make my ascended backpack and lucked out with 2 infused rings with the new stat of power/toughness/crit dmg so I basically switched my knights ring for those and changed out 3 pieces of soldier armor for berserker to make up some of the lost crit chance.

Outside of WvW, you can get away with less vitality and if you have over 3k armor you are still pretty tanky. Since I have a couple months of dungeon running experience and run with a dedicated group, it was worth it to give up some vitality, keep roughly the same toughness, and get some more crit % damage out of my gear.

The trinket part with ruby orbs is solid, I did the same thing on my warrior to min/max my crit damage and toughness by using knights rings, chest, legs, and helm but replacing it with ruby orbs, then keeping everything else berserker. But yes, ruby orbs are by far the best % crit vs stat loss to use for min-maxing.

I personally just end up using omnomberry pies/ghosts for both guard and war because the health on crit is pretty huge with no cooldown, especially when you run with 2 warriors and have significant fury uptime for ~60% crit chance.
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