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Dungeon Masters Elite [Sorrow's Furnace]

pve sorrow’s furnace

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Torc MSC

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Posted 25 November 2012 - 03:00 AM


Welcome everyone to Dungeon Masters Elite. We are a dedicated PvE, and Dungeon Guild.
Our main goal as a Guild is to develop into a well known Dungeon running guild and just enjoy the game in the company of friends.

Our main guild capacity will be around 75-100 people. We want to keep this a small community, not like the much larger guilds of 400 or 500 who mainly want the influence boost. Yea that's nice and everything, but half the people in the guild don't know each other and the other half is never online. We already have a great community of 7 "core" extremely active and great members, and are looking to expand upon these good foundations.

We are not just a Dungeon and PvE guild though. We do have regular PvP and WvW events happening within our guild all the time. We are putting together a tPvP team and are hoping to get more involved in that aspect as well.

General Info
Guild Master- Dr Zz
Main Officer's- TorcMSC, Frit
Noteable members- Lenaden, Triluk, Scds (Rohan)

Vent chat is very active and we have multiple channels for people to join to do different things like Dungeon chats, PvE, and even a PvP and WvW room. While we do not "require" active Vent chat we STRONGLY encourage it so that we get familiar with each other and actually start to form a nice community of people. For Dungeons though we do require that you be in Vent at least listening if you do not have a Mic, so that things stay organized.

We are looking to mainly stay small. At the moment of righting this we have 30 members all very active, and an additional 20 members who are not so active. We do not want to exceed 60-75 members and try to keep this a small tight knit community.

You can follow us on Twitter and we have a Facebook group for all members to join which will have our schedules and info post on. These groups will be released to members only upon joining.

Prefer levels 30+ so that they can do dungeon content along with us.


For Recruitment please contact Torcmsc.3204, or Dr Zz in game on Sorrow's Furnace, and mention this post on the forum. You can send us mail and we will get back to you immediately on logging in. You can also PM me here on the forums or send an email to [email protected]

For now we want to be able to put together 3 groups of 5 man dungeon teams so that we constantly have runs almost every night. We have one core group set up and are looking for the member to add in 2 more groups.

Dungeon and PvE Schedule
Weekdays (Mon - Thurs) = 7:30 PM EST Majority vote Explorable Mode Dungeon Run.
- This will go with the majority vote of who will be running the dungeon on that day. Typically this is either CoF or TA, as these are most popular with our current members, but with new members this could likely be anything. We usually have our main group of 7 running stuff all the time depending on who needs what form the dungeon we chose that night. The other 2 would likely get a PUG running for their dungeon. We want this to change because we want more people to be able to commit and form more groups.

Weekdays (Mon - Thurs) = 5 PM EST Alt Leveling Groups, and PvE content runs such as Temples, and Farming.
- These small group runs are a fun way to kick back and take a break from dungeons, level another character, and just have a good time with our guild mates. This happen everyday and we usually have around 5-10 people doing them.

Weekends (Fri - Sat) = 4 Dungeon runs spread over 2 days. Sometimes more.
- For the most part these runs are scheduled on our FB page, Twitter Page, and the Guild Message so it is very easy to find these schedules. Typically these range from massive Explorable events for people to get their Tokens in quick succession on the weekends, or catching up our Alts to Arah story, and then getting their Token runs in. PvE content runs like Temples and Karma farms, are happening throughout the day just need to ask if anybody is doing them, or if someone wants to go for one.

We will not schedule anything for Sunday's because we know that people have work and school schedules and sometime just want to chill out and relax and so this will be our day of relaxation where nothing is going to be scheduled. But if you want to run something go ahead and get your group together and go for it.

Guild Bonuses and Upgrades
We have constant upgrades running at all times for the guild. We generally have Magic Find, and Gold find up at all times, as well as Karma upgrades for the Majority of the time. Currently purchasing upgrades for Architecture level 4 and increasing our bank slots to prepare for the influx of Armor, weapons, and items that will be coming from our increased runs.

Art of War level 3
Politics level 4
Architecture level 4
Economy Level 4

The End
Thank you for reading and we hope to see some increased interest from this post for our guild. Don't be afraid to contact anyone you see in the guild for info or to be directed to an officer or leader for an invite.

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#2 Torc MSC

Torc MSC

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Posted 13 December 2012 - 12:11 AM

Alright guys quick bump here to update some info. We have a website up currently on Guildportal.com .
You can visit us there to also apply so long as you have an account on the website. All that you have to
do is go to their website and type in Guild Masters Elite in the top right search bar and you will find us.

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