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Orr's architecture

orr architecture arah

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#1 Infuse


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Posted 26 November 2012 - 12:53 AM

Hello fellow Guild Wars 2 players !
Firstly, I'd like to apologise for any english faults I make, English is not my native language.

So i've been wandering around Orr for quite a while now, I also check the forums sometimes, and never did I see any posts concerning Orr's architecture.

There are multiple points that itches me :
- The circular design or EVERY SINGLE thing. I mean, where does it get usefull ? Wich civilisation would use such an architecture, it doesn't stand on itself (exept with pillars, maybe orrians likes pillars and spheres... Just kidding) ! There's no pratical use of these and addition, wich human civilisation would use this kind of architecture ? Where they all obsessed with circles ?
- Where are the houses ? Where did they live ? the design of Orr and Arah doesn't look really civilisation-friendly. There is nothing else than these circles, no big buildings, it's like they lived with no roofs. Am I wrong ?
- The size of the circles. There are GIGANTIC circles sometimes, ones that I can hardly see humans do. As tall as dubai's, BUT CIRCULAR ! Were orrians that rich that they could invest in such expensives works ? If they were as great as a civilisation that can build these things, why did they fear charrs ?
- I said that every single things in Orr (exept pillars) are circle shaped, but there are also gigantic pillars going up to the sky defying gravity ! Because, not only are they too tall to see their end, but also they are broken are their base, one of them is at ''Field of gold'' at the cursed shores. It is the perfect example of the impossible-for-human-to-do architecture !
EDIT : Never mind it's also one gigantic circle !
- One more thing. Some of these circles are burrowed in the ground. I'd like to find an explenation about that. Maybe because of the fact that Orr was at the bottom of the sea residues could have burrowed these, but I'd like to think that it has fallen from the sky.

Now to my hypotesis : There is something above Orr.
A city, a place like the paradise, a new place to grind, the human gods, the sixt dragon, I don't know. But this look very suspicious to me.

Orrian surely lived when these circles were there... I guess, because they constructed statues of their gods at their cathedrals, wich are circular I think (take example of lyssa's cathedral). But were they able to create something like this ?

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#2 AlexthePrecise


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Posted 26 November 2012 - 07:42 AM

I always assumed that the housing and such were reduced to rubble either in the cataclysm or Orr's rise leaving only the foundations and more sturdy constructs like the temples.
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#3 Brynjar


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Posted 26 November 2012 - 09:31 AM

To be more accurate, there was something BELOW Orr. Specifically, Zhaitan. He was a source of great magical power, and given that Orr was the original home of the human gods, the Orrians were likely very skilled in magic. For that matter, Orr itself may have been built by the gods rather than mortals to begin with - in which case, small matters like how much effort it would take to build or how practical the structure is wouldn't matter. It would literally be supported by magic and divine will.
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#4 Sword Hammer Axe

Sword Hammer Axe

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Posted 26 November 2012 - 09:58 AM

I love these kinds of threads, as they make you think <3

I thinking it goes like this:

Circular architecture: Well, it's not practical, that's for sure, but you gotta remember that civilizations don't tend to make it easy on themselves. Look at several South American cultures: They had several piles of rock put on top of each other for amazing, impractical pyramids, each rock carved with pictures telling various stories, some of which had some deeper meaning, others not.
As for why the Orrians were obsessed with Circles, I have one theory: We know of the place where the Gods first stepped into the world. It's, unsurprisingly, circular. From this we can probably hypothesize that the circles became of value to the Orrians' religion, and seeing as Orr was litterally the homeland of the Gods, there is no denying that religion would have a huge impact on the civilizations' footprints.

Houses: Well, it makes sense that the sturdiest buildings were the religious ones. As you can see, there is usually some distance between the different buildings and plazas, making me believe that regular homes were located at these places. Keep in mind that Orr has been underwater for over 200 years, and regular houses don't tend to be the sturdiest. 200 years above water would make any wooden house crumble, so if it's below water it'd probably rot away in no time. Not to mention that the force of the Cataclysm that sank Orr probably was wild enough to tear away most of the the minor architecture.
Another theory would be that most of what we've seen of Orr is rather close to Arah. Notice how many risen servants and nobles there are. It might've been a holy center of Orr, where the commoners were less likely to be and houses were less likely to be found. A spot of religious rituals and festivals.

The size of the circles: This isn't a surprise, really. Orr was FULL of magic. They even had the gods on their side for a while. They could easily do things with this magic that no real civilization would be able to. Also, look at the amazing things the Eqyptians, Romans, Greeks, Persians, Aztecs, and so on, have managed without magic. Imagine what they could've done if they HAD magic :)

The improbability of the architecture: I can't explain that. Architectural genius? More magic? An unknown material used for building them? Who knows?

Circles in the ground: Aliens :P Nah, more likely to be an esthetic choice. Possibly an act done after the Gods had left Tyria so they could view what their faithful followers were doing in their honor. The Mayans (I think) have done similar things.

Your hypothesis isn't unlikely, though I fail to believe Orr came from that. It's more likely that the God came from their realms that could be accessed through some point(s) in the sky and helped build Orr from Scratch. When the Gods then left, the people began a tower of Babel-like process to reach the gods once again.
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