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Goh Taw Ahng (GTW) Server: Ehmry Bay [WvW / PvE / Pvp] Australian (Oceanic Guild)

pvx alliance ehmry bay

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Posted 26 November 2012 - 04:10 AM

Goh Taw Ahng

Guild Name - Goh Taw Ahng (GTW)

Server - Ehmry Bay

Guild Age - 1 Week

Member Count - 4

List Professions In Search Of (If applicable) - We are not looking for a particular profession, so all professions are allowed to join. We are also looking more towards lower levels (1-50) but will take any higher levels on board.

List Guild Alliances - Not as of yet but in the near future we will be looking into alliances.

Summary of Guild - GTW is a guild for hardcore/casual players looking to just have fun playing PvE, WvW, Pvp. A guild looking for committed players willing to fight to glory as our guild grows as one.

Website - No website as of yet but maybe in the future when the guild gets a bigger following.

Contact Info (In-game, or other preference) - To contact me in game just whisper to HarrisonSmith.6439 or just message me on these forums and i will reply.

For or Against Multiple Guild Membership - Multiple guild membership is fine but we would like you to pick a main character.


Okay so you have read all of that now, I will tell you a little about how we got this weird guild name all i can say about it is that it's an inside joke among friends. Goh Taw Ahng (GTW) is original and i like original so it works. If you ever want to type the name and it's to hard just call it GTW makes it easier.


Now i got that out of the way, i'll tell you a bit more about the guild and what we do. You can already tell that we are a WvW, PvE, Pvp type of guild. GTW is an Australian guild looking for aussie players but will take in anyone from a different timezone, as long as you are committed to playing with the different timezones. GTW holds events for it's members to have fun whether it be going to WvW taking over fort's or just mucking around in PvE doing events and tasks. We are open to any other events that members suggest so don't be shy talk up we want to hear you!!


GTW has chose a Native American titles as there ranks . There are 5 different rank titles, as you grow with the guild by helping and being active you will go up a rank which will be chosen by a vote of the higher ranks. Each higher rank will have a certain role in the game whether it be recruiting, running event's or even collecting items for other players. All ranks can gain a role if they are committed to having one.

[Higher Ranks]

Chieftain - Alikii

Spirit Brother - Zilmere

War Chief - Adelveit

Newcomer - This is the rank you will first get upon joining the guild.
- In this rank you will be watched by our Spirit Brother (Zilmere) to see if you are worthy. Once he thinks you are ready you will become a hunter.

Hunter - This is the rank after becoming a Newcomer.
- In this rank you will be the fighters the main core in battle being lead by the War Chief (Adelveit). After a few battles we will see hunters grow and to see if they are worthy to become a Brave.

Brave - This is the rank after becoming a Hunter.
- In this rank you will be the elite fighters, that means you are very good at what you do which is fighting. You will be a main asset to the guild in WvW battles.

War Chief - This is the rank after becoming a Brave.
- In this rank comes a lot of responsibility, so experience is needed in fighting battles. The War Chief runs the battles in Wvw takes charge of the Hunters and leads them to victory.

Spirit Brother - This is the rank after becoming a War Chief.
- In this rank you are the Chieftan's right hand man. You look after the newcomer's that join the guild and see if they are worthy to become a hunter.

Chieftain - This is the rank after becoming a Spirit Brother.
- In this rank you lead the guild you take charge when needed whether it be on the battlefield or in PvE you make the decisions.

}GOALS{ Goh Taw Ahng (GTW) goals are to have a fun, stress free environment for players to come to after a hard day at work. To work on raising player's level or just helping them out with getting armor, weapons or whatever they need help with.

- Active and organised event's
- Fun, stress free environment
- WvW battles
- Group PvE parties
- Dedicated leaders and members

If you have any questions just ask! or if you have many questions message me!
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