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Help picking alt - ENG / GRD / WAR

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Posted 27 November 2012 - 06:01 AM

Hi All - I'm looking for some advice, comments and general input around picking an alt. For reference, my main is a Necro (conditionmancer) built primarily for WvW.

After the trial weekend, I have some friends newly joining GW2, and I am looking to start a primarily PvE focused alt, to play with the group. The following are the things I want out of the character:

- A burst damage build
- A support build
- A tanky build
- High mobility is a nice to have
- Might stacking (or other synergy builds) a plus

I've played Engineer, Guardian, and Warrior all into the early teens, and here are my impressions so far:

Currently the front-runner. I understand they have good burst when built for Static Discharge builds. I imagine you can make a tanky support build with pistol / shield and the Elixir Gun. 100% Swiftness uptime is a big plus. Also, lots of boon stacking through potions, but primarily self-targeted.

However, I am a bit concerned about how Engineers are cornered into limited weapons. If I want to run a power build, a rifle is pretty much required. Support would lean heavily on the Elixir Gun, etc. Also, I am not a big fan of turrets, and I am a little turned off by disliking one branch of utilities (I also dislike Necro minions, which further limits my build variability on my main).

Support seems to come with almost any weapon set, and tanky is certainly not hard to achieve. I have enjoyed the sword / torch weapon set, especially when paired with a more defensive set (x / shield). They also have a lot of boon stacking, though I am not sure how much it affects the party.

With Guardians, I am concerned that they cannot match the raw damage of a Warrior type. Also, they appear to have limited mobility, which is a bit of a turn off.

Honestly, I cannot think of anything in my list that the Warrior cannot do (except maybe the boon stacking). But at the same time, Warrior is probably the at the bottom of my list currently. I really enjoyed the rifle / hammer combo, but it feels like they just lack the pazazz that the other two professions bring. I wouldn't mind hearing what makes Warrior's feel cool, just because I have not really felt it.

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