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necromancer minion build minions

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#1 FrostyNecro


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Posted 29 November 2012 - 11:06 PM

I have a level 75 Necromancer at the moment on GW2 and I have to say, minions rock. A lot of people don't give them enough credit. But I believe this is because most people are using them incorrectly. I've done a lot of tinkering with my build and I've found that it actually works best to NOT upgrade your minions.

Hear me out here. I have my reasons. Look at the way the necromancer class is designed. There is not a single class in GW2 that comes close to being as reliant on condition damage as the necromancer. So with that in mind, what does that tell you about the class itself? YOU NEED TO STAY ALIVE LONG ENOUGH FOR YOUR CONDITIONS TO DO WORK!

So what role do minions play in all this you ask? Keeping you alive. The key in all this is to focus on increasing your condition damage, power, and precision. Don't worry about toughness or any of that mumbo jumbo, because by sacrificing some wells and other neat necroyee skills you're putting in it's place a total of 6 meat shields, one of which heals you and another that tanks/ knocks people down for like 2 seconds! So not only now do you have 7 (counting yourself) targets on the battlefield for your opponents to worry about but there's also pretty good dps coming from your minions as well.

All of this isn't even factoring in their active abilities. I mentioned the knock down ability of the epic skill minion, but on top of that you have ones that immobilize, blind, and explode (for that last bit of spike damage if necessary). It is also important to note what weapons to use. Like I said, you should be focusing on condition damage (the necro's strong point) and running with the Staff and Scepter/dagger.

The weapons here are an easy choice. In the first couple seconds of an engagement you can run through your 1-5 Staff weapon skill which stacks about 6 conditions on foes (all AOE btw), then switch to your scepter and stack bleeds and focus on using your minion abilities on select targets. This combination is also very simple because in both weapon sets, the staff and scepter/dagger, your #4 ability removes conditions from you and puts them on enemies (the staff one also taking cons from allies too!). So how cool is that, you see some conditions pop up and you don't even have to think about what key to press! PRESS 4! And guess what? You've been upping your condition damage so the jokes on them. Plus your #2 staff ability also regens health for yourself and allies.

Anyways a quick summary. Use all minions (excluding the wyrm), and run with Staff and Scepter/dagger. Focus on upgrading your condition damage, and marvel at your AOE prowess and surviveability. You will just start laughing when 7 units come at you. I should note, this is mainly written for PVE, however you become a great assist/ condition remover in WvW. Wouldn't really do this in sPVP or dungeons. Although it might be good in dungeon. But trust me, if you were having trouble staying alive as a necro in PVE, TRY THIS.
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Posted 30 November 2012 - 04:05 PM

I like your thoughts on this...would really like to see how you trait this out if you're not really focusing on making your minions stronger.

My Necro is only like lvl 26 or so...but I have been toying with Scepter/Dagger and Scepter/Warhorn...and both are fun right now...but as I get into harder stuff I am thinking Scepter/Dagger may be the way to go.

Thanks for sharing, always good to hear ideas. :)
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#3 FrostyNecro


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Posted 30 November 2012 - 09:17 PM

Yea, so traiting this out isn't very complicated at all. That being said, there are some minor changes you could do from this build and still keep the general theme of increasing your damage and leaving the minions alone. Below is a list of the traits, and then I've gone into some depth about how to engage a group with this build.

30 Spite- (Spiteful Removal, Spiteful Remarks, Close to Death) 300 power, 30% condition duration.

Again, the traits in this tree aren't that important, the main reason here is for the power (+300) and condition duration bonuses (+30%). The traits in this tree are really free game, just focus on making your character more powerful and leave the minions alone. I'd stay away from the 30% minion damage boost otherwise, you're missing the idea of the build.

30 Curses- (Hemophilia, Terror, Lingering Curse) 300 precision, 300 condition damage.

Here, the traits you pick matter a little more. The only one to trade out would be terror, and even then your effective options are limited. I prefer terror for three reasons, it turns your #5 staff weapon skill into a damage dealing one (aoe at that) and improves your ground recovery giving your #2 downed ability damage. Lastly, it gives damage to your #3 Lich form ability. Hemophilia and Lingering Curse are totally necessary given the focus of this build on conditions as well as the primary weapon being the scepter. Also, the passives in this tree (target the weak, and barbed precision) are a must for condition focused necros.

10 Death Magic- (Greater Marks) 100 toughness, 100 boon duration.

Okay, why 10 here? For greater marks. That's really it. The toughness increase will help and the boon duration is... okay? But really, greater marks I'd argue is one of the most important traits on this build. If you think about it, between the Scepter/Dagger and Staff, you have 7 marks! So now you're telling me they triple in area and become unblockable!? Easy.


Here's a change I'd recommend if for some reason you're still dying a lot. Take 5 out of Spite, and put it into death magic. You're sacrificing some damage, but that gives you +20 toughness for each minion. 20 * 7 (including the jagged horror joke) = 140 potential toughness. And lastly, the Spite traits are rather flexible.

Okay just real quick, if you're having trouble visualizing how to engage a mob:

Single boss: Start with staff, run your 1-5 in that order on it for some nice combos and a ton of conditions. Then use shadow fiend's active, followed by the flesh golem's. Your staff #2 will be recharged, us that again then switch weapons. Cast your #2, #5, then spam #1. Watch the conditions on your opponent and add #3 for some nice spike damage when they have several conditions on them. Save #4 to remove conditions from yourself. Then just rinse and repeat this cycle, your flesh golem's charge ability probably won't reset before you finish off the boss though so that's kind of just an opener. If it's a long fight you might actually be spawning your bone minions once or twice more. If they're alive and the boss is nearing death detonate them for those final nails in the coffin ;)

Against a group. Even easier. Do the same thing as above, focus more on your aoe marks than your Scepter's #1 ability, however, still spam it during cool downs. I would try to maximize the use of your minion's actives. For example, lining up a group for a charge, or targeting a melee unit with rigor mortis. Don't be afraid to roll around and have your minions pull units off you. Definitely don't stop spamming the staff skills when they're charged.

Hope this was clear! Oh, and underwater, switch out flesh golem (can't swim) for plague, and your bone minions for anything; I use Signet of undeath. But keep the others.
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