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Posted 30 November 2012 - 03:07 AM

Hello! First, a hail to all Engineers

Here is my question: I am a condition/control/ghetto-support based Engineer, and I am looking for suggestions for rune/sigil/crests to use for the build/gearsetup I am currently using.

Here is the build I enjoy using the most.

No, it is not a grenadier build, and I do not want to play grenadier right now. The dungeon group I usually run with needs a control/support character, same with PUGs, and with my build/weapon setup I am able to qualify as both, same with another guildy.

Before breaking down which Crest/Rune/Sigils to use, let me explain how I play. I rarely ever stay in one kit, I am constantly switching between pistol/pistol (or shield depending on what is going on), elixergun, and flamethrower to mainting Poison and burning at all times, thus no Juggernaut. The utility skill that is not filled out is usually taken by Rocket Boots, but I switch out depending on the fight, same with the heal skill. I try to keep the pistol skills, Fumigate, Napalm, and the toolbelt skills on CD, the rest of the time I am using my control abilities to pump out damage. With traits, I generally keep firearms the same, but will swap in Protection Injection or Scope depending on the fight, and in rare cases I will add in Hair Trigger.

I do not plan on adjusting the trait point allocations.

Gear wise, I use Condition/Toughness/Precision armor, 2x Knight, 3x Rampager (amulet) accessories. I am not in favor of getting more crit damage, 20% on top of what is inherant is what I am ok with.

I would like to keep my crit chance generally highish, above 45%, as keeping vulerability up is rather important for group contributions. My toughness is mid 1300s and I want to try to keep it above 1200s, but gettign my health up to 20k (I have around 17.3k), or close to it, would be fantastic as well.

Now onto the important things. I have found, oddly, that I have no problem maintaining burning 100% of the time, single target obviously, but poison I can't seem to keep it up as often as I would like, which the healing debuff my group also finds to be fantastic as we run dungeons with healing often. Bleeding I can generally keep around 4-6 stacks, sometimes hitting 7-9 depending on RNG, but more or larger ticks is always appreciated.

I have experimented with +condition duration runes in the Mists, but in PvE is costs gold to 'test' what you want.

I do not know which is better to slot, bleed or poison duration runes, Rabid Crests for larger ticks and other bonuses, or put gems into armor slots for adding to power/vit/condition to get the other bonus I want.

For sigils, I know that these are really only fluff, but these I find interesting: Fragility, Agony, Earth, Venom, Water, Ice, or Purity. I don't like the stack sigils.

I do not know enough about gems. Am I able to slot those into armor? Would those be superior to Crests? I am highly considering swapping gems out of my exotic accessories to boost Vitality and power, but again, I don't know if that would give me enough of a benefit to be worth doing.

Can I get some finer points of help? My appologize about the wall of text.
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