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Posted 30 November 2012 - 05:01 PM

Status: Open for work

I did this for GW1 http://www.guildwars...-t10491325.html, and I'll do it again!

I am open to work on art for your characters. I normally work for 20$ an hour, but I understand that I cannot self promote myself here, so I will not ask for money. I will ask for GW2 currency. Or an art trade if you are a fellow artist (if you do not know what that is, it is an exchangement of commissions, you draw one for me, I draw one for you).

Rules I would like to keep:
-Keep it GW2 related. I do not want to be asked to draw someone's magical space fairy with 8 arms who are perminately on fire.
-No porn. Not even nude. I will go far in scantily clad, but there will be no naughty bits showing.
-I expect payment. I did this for GW1, relying on people's trust to pay me, and several people never paid me.
-I am comfortable with humans and norn mostly, but I am willing to do Silvari and Asuran... Ask me if I feel up to doing Charr at the time if you would like one. I will likely charge extra.

(proper colouring)
My Mesmer: http://mandalorianje...a-Dio-340477311
Kara Starlett: http://mandalorianje...rlett-341157290

(simple colouring)
My Guild: http://mandalorianje...nnies-326961592

General non-GW details: http://mandalorianje...tails-342198966

Price: (may vary based on GW currency exchange)
Simple colour - 1g (per character in image)
proper colouring - 2g (per character in image)
Payments be made out to the account: Okay To Be Takei

If interested, please tell me:
-Their name
-Their class
-What you want them doing (I'm fine with action shots, poses, portraits, even pinups... you name it)
-Screenshot (the more the better)
-And any additional information you think I would need (ex: weapon if applicable, personality for posing, guild name, etc...)

Please let me know if you are interested via PM for privacy or simply reply to this post.

ps: art makes great christmas presents!

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