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Name for Human Elementalist

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#1 Berry2012


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 02 December 2012 - 09:07 PM

So, I wanted to create a Human Elementalist who worships Baltzahar and has a firey attitude, interested in the dragon threat as well. So, what could I name this guy? It should
consist of a first name and a surname and those names should sound rather Middle Eastern/Elonan.

I’d just like to get a few ideas to see how I will call him, I’d appreciate any help!

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#2 Valkaire


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Posted 03 December 2012 - 07:05 AM

Incoming long list of links

Taste is subjective so it's probably better if you look for it yourself :P Balthazar is the fire/warrior god so warrior names may work as well.

My Eles name is Zarya Melusine; protector of warriors + the name of a water spirit from european folk lore to tie in with how I like being supporty :P

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#3 Sword Hammer Axe

Sword Hammer Axe

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Posted 04 December 2012 - 10:34 PM

I usually go for this approach when naming human characters:

[Insert LotR-like name here or other nice, smooth name for the given name] [Insert surname derived from attachments to an item, profession, background or similar.]

Examples would be my two human characters in GW2:
- Johan Shafire (Johan is just a smooth name, Shafire refers to him as mastering holy fire (guardian) and having links to my main character from GW)
- Selena Ambercrest (Selena is smooth again, Ambercrest refers to how I want her final appearance to be, and yes, I got an amber dye :P)
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#4 Dasryn


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Posted 07 December 2012 - 06:34 AM

the special thing about GW universe, is that human names have normal real life names. like Logan and Jennah. sometimes there are little changes in the spelling that isnt necessarily common but for the most part, you can use a regular english name.\

good example is my name. the real life counterpart to my name is "Richter" i changed the spelling to "Rickter" see? same name, same real life sound, just a slightly different spelling.
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#5 BuddhaKeks


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Posted 07 December 2012 - 12:31 PM

Well how you spell it maybe, to me you misspelled a perfectly valid german word. :P ("Judge" in case you don't know)
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