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Best partner for a thief? Wvw gank, leveling, dungeons.

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#1 Romari0


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Posted 02 December 2012 - 10:30 PM

Hey all. Cant choose class to play with my friend-thief. Interesting aspects: killing groups of mobs, being able to make ambushes in wvw (high burst), being useful in dungeons and being able to move very fast. I ve done more than 1500 battles in spvp(more than 400 - tournies, about 30 paid tournies) and have played by every class quite a lot, so I know lot of class opportunities, skills, traits, damage/survivalability of every class using lot of builds compared to other classes, so I think that the best options are........
1. To choose mesmer because of ...his ability of fastest burst one 《player》target, sweet elites/utilities, skills that grant aoe invis. But I hate his 《sources》 of damage, skills with random effect and lack of aoe.
2. To choose engineer because of .... his ability to move as fast as thief, very high damage, especially aoe, very good survivalability, lot of combos (with thief he can stack invis for about 2 mins!!!), aoe and self res skill.

If you have some more good ideas, I d be very thankfull.
P.s. sorry for my English) hope that I did few mistakes.
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#2 Bojmir69


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Posted 14 December 2012 - 09:18 PM

I actually have this exact same question. My roommate and I are leveling up our first alts and he's going Thief. On our main's he was Guardian and I was Mesmer so he took the hits most of the time and I brought the baddies down. This time though he's going balls to wall damage with his thief and I need to be the one taking the beating. I have the following 3 choices:

Engineer (Was thinking elixir gun/flamthrower)
Earth/Water Elementalist

I'm leaning towards Earth/Water Elementalist as I figure I can start the fight and negate most of the initial damage and by the point he starts to draw aggro I can switch to water and passively do bits of health restoration as we bring things down.

Minionmancer although seemingly cool for leveling worries me in that the aggro would be spread across minions at the start so I won't be able to hold aggro once my roommate unleashes.

Engineer just seems to take the hits better and eventually would get Juggernaut but I realize that's not until 60+ for them.

Any advice on this would also be appreciated!
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#3 Silinsar


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Posted 14 December 2012 - 10:59 PM

I would suggest Elementalist. A Thief wants his targets to be defenceless and Elementalist can do a good job at fullfilling this requirement. An Ele has many ways to hunt enemies down: slow/stun them. Immobilize, chill, criple, knockdown, stun etc. For instance initiating a spike from 1200 range with Signet of Earth and keeping immobilize up with Magnetic Grasp or Knocking the enemy down/back can be really devastating when coordinating it with other players.
Since Thief can stealth and many players think Elementalist is a squishy class (which can be true of course, depending on build/gear) you'd have litte problems bait enemies into an ambush. Use an invulnerability skill and let your friend stab your foes in your back when they think they get an easy kill.
Also, as a dagger Ele you shouldn't have problems to keep up with Thief's mobility (RTL) when running around the map.
Last but not least there's a lot combo potential in a Ele/Thief Combo: lots of might, area healing and stealth.

Engineer or Guardian would be my second choice. Not going farther into detail:
Guardian offers good defensive support and some neat control skills ("warding"-skills, sigils).
Engineer is very AoE-y and can burst and combo pretty well. He's also pretty magnetic (tool kit pull is always funny).

... My point of view as a player with lvl 80 Ele, Thief and Engi.

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#4 Isaac82


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Posted 18 December 2012 - 07:56 PM

I have a mesmer with a thief friend and we synergize very well together. Mesmer actually have very high AoE burst dmg. Their sustained AoE dmg is iffy but its there. I am actually the one who runs down the enemy and stuns them for him to catch up. We have lots of stuns and cc which works well with the thiefs ccs. Not to mention if its just one person our combined burst dmg we can easily kill them before my 4 seconds of stun wears off.
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#5 Orikx


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Posted 18 December 2012 - 08:32 PM

I have two thief guild members that I often run with. One runs a perma stealth/BS build. MY Mesmer does not synergize well with him. Part of it is our play styles. Part of it is that I am just focused constantly because he is always stealth.
The other guild member runs more of a pistol tanky build. We have great synergy together for WvW. My combo fields are great for his build. He switches to off hand Short Bow and can Area Chaos Armor. He's able to stealth me at times and I can stealth myself so neither of us gets focused constantly. We work well together. Only downside is depending on your build, it can be very hard to get away when shit goes wrong on Mesmer. So when we bite off more then we can chew i am often left respawning while he waypoints to me in the border keep.

I would think Ele would work great (I am leveling my 4th 80 right now and Ele to find out). Both have high mobility to get in do some damage and get out. Being on a T2 server I often face zergs when roaming so mobility is key. If you on a lower tier server that doesn't have high WvW pop this may not be as big a problem.

I have an 80 Engineer and I would say stay away from it unless you like constantly fighting an uphill battle. They are very mobile but that is about all they have going for them now.

Whatever you take perma swiftness is key for WvW roaming or you will get caught by a zerg and destroyed. I run Centaur ruins on my Mesmer. We got some slight speed love this last patch but not really enough to make me drop my centaur ruins(which sucks because I thought I would finally be able to use good ruins.)
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#6 lmaonade


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Posted 19 December 2012 - 09:46 AM

Necro, Warrior, Guardian or Engineer

these 4 classes have the most control, which thieves lack, these 4 classes can condition/stun/pull/CC lock enemies down to take advantage of the thief's natural affinity towards high damage.
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#7 Elr3d


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Posted 19 December 2012 - 10:03 AM

I ran two very, very successful duo.

First one was my S/D bulky Thief and a D/D full glass cannon Thief (like, full berserker). The guy was 3 shotting everything while I dazed them, and if he ever went down, I was the healer, as it's my specialty to help people back up on their feet. As I'm able to take some hits (2k700 armor and 15k500 hp), when people try to kill me, they often fail, and can't do it fast enough before the D/D Thief burst them down. If D/D Thief is targeted, I run to rez him, they focus me, he kills them. The synergy was awesome.

Second one was my S/D bulky Thief and a D/D Auramencer Elementalist. As my Thief also do boon support via Steal, we end up getting a lot of boons (and Auras), I can immobilize people in his Churning Earth via Sword 2, stealth him when he starts channeling said Churning Earth so he can Lightning Flash to his target. And if he ever go down, I'm always the resurrector, as above.
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#8 adra12


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Posted 19 December 2012 - 04:40 PM

A high control and survival engineer build sounds perfect for you. Engineers have a ton of ways of making slowing down and controlling enemies on the field that will put them in a perfect position to be ganked by your mate.

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