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The Ouroboros [OIC] is recruiting (Tarnished Coast)

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Posted 06 December 2012 - 03:05 AM

Ouroboros [OIC]


Ouroboros is a close-knit community of gamers, friends and family. While we spend a fair amount of time playing a variety of games, we also enjoy sharing our creative passions, ideas and assorted musings. We support a wide variety of both players and play styles and encourage everyone to utilize their individual talents and skills in order to help shape the community for the benefit of all. We also invite visitors and friends from around the net to participate in the community; whether you're a long-time ally looking to plan an event or a member of an opposing in-game group that wants to hang out and chat, you are always welcome. We believe in a philosophy that emphasizes mutual respect, personal responsibility, cooperation and compassion. Whether it's in game, on the net or in real life, Ouroboros is all about having a good time, supporting one another and enjoying each other's company.

About Ouroboros

We began originally, as a Dragon cabal for The Secret World in September 2009. Since then our community has grown and developed much more. Expanding not just into other games, but into other common interests. And we thrive on interacting with each other through them all, as a community, built on friendship, trust and respect above all. Encouraging our membership to share experiences and interests with us.
  • We have members from across the globe in each continent. So most of our activities are not based or restricted to one time zone (with some possible exceptions).
  • Although we are an international community, our common language is English. So members will be required to have some ability to communicate in it.
  • In our gaming guild hosting side of things, we cover all areas of game play. PvE, PvP,RP are all encouraged, and supported, but none are mandatory. Our Steam, Xbox and Playstation groups, also have a mix of different sorts of games.
  • We are an online community made by its members for its members. What this means is that each member has a voice in the community, and their input and ideas are both welcome and encouraged. So long as they are in keeping with the main intent and framework of Ouroboros. In turn this comes with a responsibility to our members to maintain the community.
  • We actively create opportunities for our members to submit ideas, for projects and decisions on going forward and structure. During our creation, interested parties, submitted ideas of names, on which the top ones were chosen, and voted on. Ouroboros came out as the most popular choice. And became our name. This was also done with our logo, where members created their own designs, or found pictures they liked, and the submissions were put to a vote to our members.
  • We have a strong desire to create ties with others, in a mutually beneficial and positive way. So our activities and friendships, are not just limited to ourselves. We engage in charity events. In gaming communities we establish a presence on, we are open to anything that builds and enhances that community. And have even helped arrange open activities with other online groups.
Server: Tarnished Coast (US). But, we accept players from all over the world. GW2 does not limit you to joining guilds of your own server either. So we can still welcome people from others.
Language: English
Activity Focus : PvE, PvP, WvWvW, RP is supported but optional
Dedication: Being community focused, we dictate no length of time or activity on our members. Though we have a core of very active players.
Voice Chat: Mumble (currently). Recommended but not essential. Details are on our site or by request to an existing member.

How to Apply

Please visit our site and thoroughly read our guidelines of conduct here. After doing so select "Recruitment" at the top of the site, and fill out the application. Once done you will be given prospective member status. During this time we will all get to know each other. Typically it can take two weeks to become full member. But this will vary depending on activity.

If anyone has any questions about the guild, simply respond and I will be more than happy to answer them. I can be contacted in-game at Valkadesh.7280

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