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Slick Shoes vs Elixir S (for WvW)

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#1 Lilie Mae

Lilie Mae

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Posted 06 December 2012 - 11:33 AM

First of I would like someone to explain more precisely how Slick Shoes work? It says it sprays oil behind to knock down.. I tried using it in sPvp but it didn't really seam to do anything? You also have a little circle under you while using it.. I first thought that you have to be in that small radius to get knocked back? So is it so that it leaves a trail behind me that will knock back? Cause I don't see anything on the ground other than the circle underneath me.

So therefore I wonder which of these two utility skills would be better in WvW for getting away? I assumed that slick shoes is better if you have someone very close to you and Elixir S for those who shoot at you from range. But if its true that Slick Shoes leaves a trail behind you (if so, how long?) then I might reconsider it.
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#2 FoxBat


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Posted 06 December 2012 - 02:17 PM

Slick shoes leaves a very small trail behind when you move. Run backwards or forwards, the trail appears where you just were, and anyone following you closely should get KD'd. The range is also very small, they have to be almost on top of you to get hit.

Most people really use slick shoes for the toolbelt skill though, which gives you an unmatchable 50% run speed, for getting out of bad situations (aka being outnumbered/outmatched), or just plain getting places faster.

Elixir S's invulnerability can be abused for far more than slick shoes. You can ignore an entire zerg for the duration it is up, letting you run to res, stomp, get inside a fort, set off a big bomb, whatever. The stability can also be handy for avoiding interrupts messing with the same (as opposed to just outright getting killed...)

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