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That feeling. GW2 topic

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Posted 06 December 2012 - 05:18 PM

also do anyone else have that feeling of something is missing.
Have had that feeling since the launch of the game anyone else got this feeling?
don't get me wrong i love the game and the world of Tyria.
hmm maybe i just have not found my preferred class yet to play the game with.

also do anyone else feel like there is not alot of stuff geting you to keep loging in example is the pvp gear is wortless you can't show it off it to anyone else outside of the pvp lobby and there is no special gear for pvp. Titles in GW2 is also basicly wortless no one ses them so you can't show of your awesome mist walker title for example. I just feel that after you get your desired armor/wep combination with dyes and all that there is not alot of things to keep me playing. i'm feel like GW2 is kinda limeted in things to show other players that i'ma damn good player. i used to go damn he must be a good player when i saw that 25 man hc geard player with his legendary weapon of choice and thought to myself damn it would be cool if i had that cool gear and weapon. And i have never feelt that in GW2 feelt it in every other MMO i have played but for some reason never in this.

and to say the least i am whery confused by this.
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Posted 06 December 2012 - 05:48 PM

Your last thread was moved because it lacked any real content. Nothing that you posted here was in the old thread, other than the opening few sentences. You basically just posted a thread with the title "That feeling" and then proceeded to ramble on about something that missing without going into any real detail. We don't allow those kinds of threads in Tyrian Assembly.

The thread was moved to MI, then locked mistakenly. It has now been unlocked and you are invited to continue the conversation there. In the future, if you feel that something has been done incorrectly, PM a moderator/supermod/admin before taking action yourself.

Lastly, since your thread is going in two different directions, I'd invite you to flesh out your post a little more, then find the appropriate section to post in. For example, if you think there are improvements that need to be made, please post in the suggestions forum, Primordus Visions. Otherwise, please continue posting in the thread already available in Madness Incarnate. Since your original thread wasn't very well put together, and the ensuing responses were also in all different directions, your original thread will be left in Madness Incarnate.

This thread is now closed.
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