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Lunatic Inquisition - A Mafia/Werewolf Game

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Posted 09 December 2012 - 04:05 PM

You find yourself lying on cold, hard earth, with no recollection as to how you got here. There is a throbbing pain inside your head and your body feels stiff all over. Slowly, you push yourself up and look around.

The first thing you notice is that you’re not alone. There are people all around you: some are unconscious, but most seem to be waking up. Judging from their bewildered expressions, they are just as confused as you are.

A cursory glance at your surroundings makes one thing painfully clear: you are not in Tyria anymore. The geometry of the gravestones and walls that surround you are distinctively non-Euclidean, and you’re quite sure the Tyrian moon does not sport a maniacal grin. The otherworldly mist that permeates the air further reinforces the alien nature of this landscape.

“GREETINGS, MY SUBJECTS!” A voice booms. You swivel you head to locate its source, but it seems to be coming from everywhere. “IT IS YOUR GREAT HONOUR TO BE A PART OF MY LITTLE GAME…” A pause for dramatic effect. “LUNATIC INQUISITION!” The voice cackles madly for a few seconds, then stops. A few people exchange bemused looks. “WELL? WHY AREN’T YOU LAUGHING?” It demands. “ARE YOU NOT HAPPY? YOUR MAD KING SAYS… LAUGH!”

Without warning your mind bursts open: against your will you start cackling, and soon the whole graveyard is alive with insane laughter. “MUCH BETTER,” said the voice, satisfied. “NOW, THE AIM OF THE GAME IS SIMPLE: ENTERTAIN ME!” With that ominous note, the voice cackles one last time; its echoes reverberating between the graveyard walls. Then silence.

This is a Mafia/Werewolf game. To those who do not know how this game works, read on.


There are two factions: The Villagers and the Lunatic Court. The Villagers win when every Lunatic Courtier is dead. The Lunatic Court wins when the number of Courtiers is equal to the number of Villagers at the end of a Day Phase.

As a Villager, you know only your own faction alignment and whatever special abilities you may have. You have no knowledge of the alignment of other players or their potential abilities, unless they choose to reveal it to you. Whether they’ll tell the truth or not is another matter.

As a Lunatic Courtier, you of course know who you are and what you can do; but you also know the identity and ability of every other Courtier. This allows you to coordinate with your fellow Courtiers to bring down the Villagers.


The game is played in turns, with each turn having a Day Phase and a Night Phase. The Day Phase lasts for 48 hours, during which players are allowed to talk to each other. Every player must also publically vote for one player they want dead: for Villagers, this usually means voting for whoever you think is likely to be a Courtier. At the end of the Day Phase, the player with the most votes against them is lynched.

NOTE: When voting, bold and underline the name of the player you are voting for so it is easier for the GM to tally the votes. Should you change your vote later, do not edit out your old vote: strike through it instead.

The Night Phase also lasts for 48 hours. Players are not allowed to talk to each other during this phase, with the exception of the Lunatic Courtiers; who are allowed to confer in private. During this phase, the Courtiers hold a secret vote, invisible to the Villagers: at the end of the Night Phase, the player with the most votes against them is killed.


Some players will receive a role or an item at the beginning of the game. These roles and items confer special abilities that can be used during either the Day Phase or the Night Phase. Instructions on how to use your special ability will be given along with your role or item, should you receive one.


Players can become injured, preventing them from voting during the Day Phase or using special abilities for two turns (i.e. two sets of Day-Night Phases). They may still however communicate with other players as normal. Injury can be caused by certain special abilities and events. An injured player cannot be injured again until they have recovered from their current injury.

  • Private messaging between players is allowed, although Phase restrictions apply: i.e. during the Night Phase, Villagers are not allowed to private message anyone while Courtiers are only allowed to private message each other.
  • Dead players may not talk or private message anyone. They may however make one last post roleplaying their death, although this post may not reveal any information.
  • Private messages from the GM are confidential and should not be revealed to anyone else unless the GM states it is okay to do so. However, information regarding your alignment, role and items may be revealed truthfully if you choose.
  • Lynching will not occur at the end of a Day Phase if there is a tie, or if the top voted player has less than 25% (rounded) of the votes of remaining players.
  • You may abstain from voting during a Day Phase, although doing so for more than two consecutive Day Phases will result in your death.
  • A Day Phase may be ended immediately if more than 50% (rounded) of remaining players agree to do so and the top voted player has more than 50% (rounded) of the votes of remaining players. A Night Phase may be ended immediately by the GM if no more action can be taken.
  • Extensions to a Day or Night Phase may be granted on a per-case basis.
  • Roleplaying is highly encouraged, but is not mandatory.


Submitting an application is simple: just say that you wish to join. A short backstory for your character is desirable but not required.

Your alignment, role and/or items will be PMed to you after recruitment closes.

Recruitment will be open for a week, or until the GM decides that there are enough players.

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Posted 10 December 2012 - 06:49 AM

While Guild Wars 2 Guru has a roleplay sub-forum, its purpose is for the discussion of roleplay and roleplay "universes", not actual roleplaying. This is also a bit too complex for a simple forum game that would normally go in "Madness Incarnate". Regardless, the rules still stands: No roleplaying. Sorry. :(

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