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Shattering Healing Support build

mesmer heal support boons build dungeon pve

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#1 elloa


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 10 December 2012 - 12:06 AM

Hello everyone!

Someone told me one day "If you want to heal, play a guardian".
But I disagre. Fun part in this game is to try different things. Explore build that not one have tried before. Do something original.

So I wanted to make a non mantra healing build. So far it's working very nicely. But I'd be happy to see your opinion about it, and have your feedback.

Shattering Support-Heal build

Idea: -Healing through shattering, while keeping max boons on allies. And conditions on foes.
-The structure of this build 20 domination/30 inspiration/20 illusions allow me to easily switch for a different builds without the need of respeccing.

>>> Support-Heal <<<

Weapons: Staff/GreatSword
Gear: Going for a balanced mix of Conditions/Heal/Power Neglecting completly Precision/Thoughness, getting vitality if I can.
Runes: Monk (+heal + boon durations)


-I use my Signet of Inspiration, and Signet of Domination for the passive
-I activate Signet of Inspiration, once I managed to get enough boons on myself, particuliary Might. Then I copy them
-I activate Signet of Domination to stun an annoying target
-I use Chaos Storm on all cd, Time Warp and my Flower as much as I can. Depending of the fight, I might not waste their cd, if I know a better moment in the fight will requiere those spell.
-I shatter as often as I can. Shattering will put vigor on allies, and vulnerability on foes, heal a little bit, and maybe cure a condition.
-To Shatter, I'll try to get clones as much as I can. Depending of the situation I shatter two or three clones.
-I generaly stay on Staff. But I swap sometimes to Greatsword if I want to use Illusionary Wave to push back some foes, if the figth requiere more AoE or more Damages overall, if I can dispell

Here is a broadcast from my Stream where you can see my playstyle. I'm using more the greatsword here as I was playing with several support guildies : http://www.twitch.tv...ndy/b/344483935

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#2 dragonphlu


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Posted 10 December 2012 - 01:17 AM

Interesting build. I think the two traits that I would use more are Signet Mastery and Confusing Cry. With 2 signets and if you're going to be activating them during combat, having shorter recharge is nice to have; plus, you can already apply vulnerability with Mirror Blade and staff. With Confusing Cry, you get retaliation which would be good to copy along with other boons to your team.

I'm using a somewhat different build, more of a "buffer" mesmer by going into Chaos instead of Inspiration and max Illusion with remaining in Domination. All I know is that people love us giving them boons. ^^

This is the first build that I've seen that doesn't use mantras to heal and kudos to you for creating such a build. I love that this game allows us to try different things and experimenting them.
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#3 elloa


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 10 December 2012 - 02:04 PM

Ah great idea! I'll try Signet Mastery. For confusion Cry, it's something i used before, but I was always grouping with Guardian, so I figured that make my confusion last 33% longer would be more useful.

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#4 Sueisfine


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Posted 11 December 2012 - 12:44 PM

I would LOVE to try a build like this one if it wasn't for one thing: unfortunately the Inspiration XII trait only heals yourself :(

I remember when I first saw this trait and had the same idea than you, healing through shattering would be awesome! But later I realized it only heals yourself, which sucks :(

It seems in your build the only way to heal other ppl is through Phantasmal Healing, which is a bit iffy since not all phantasms apply it the same way (I think iDuelist is the most reliable atm) and it also requires careful positioning of the phantasms so they are in range of the ppl you want to heal. Of course, Chaos Armor randomly gives regen as well and you could wait to get that and copy it over... but that's, well, even less reliable due to the randomness of it...

I think this is why mantra builds are the only ones ppl use if they want to go and try healing, since those are the only ones that have traits that allow you to heal others besides yourself... UNLESS, the (6) ability of having 6x Superior Runes of Dwayna (instead of Monk) is triggered by the Inspiration XII trait, that would allow you to give regen to nearby allies on shattering. But I don't think it does since it mentions "when using a healing skill"... ah well :(
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