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Radiance Brotherhood [RAD] on Eredon Terrace


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Posted 11 December 2012 - 05:57 PM

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RAD is a cross-games guild, originally coming from Perfect World International and it has been created since the early beta of it (as happened in GW2).
It’s actually the oldest still standing TW guild of the server (TW = Territory War), after 4 years of weekly battles.

It has spawned the most powerful TW guilds and set the basics of the war. Many guilds use our Code of Conduct and our Charter for their own needs.

Radiance is about providing full support to its members, no matter what level they are. Of higher level players giving advice to new players, and helping in quests, dungeons, and bosses. Of how players of any level, will be able to depend on each other, and further one another’s goals. Radiance is a place where there will be someone to talk to when there are interpersonal disputes. To which suggestions will be listened carefully. Where there is a transparent process for important guild decisions, and where each and every member can be part of making a difference.

Radiance Brotherhood (RAD) will be friendly with other guilds and people that are friendly with RAD. We believe honest cooperation and friendly interaction with other guilds and those without guilds, will improve the quality and enjoyment of the entire realm of Tyria.

We have a 4 years experience in guild management (200 players), we have the ways and we have the structure to manage this guild to a glorious future.

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We at RAD, strive to be the most bright and outstanding guild in Tyria, whether by dominating in PvP and raids, or being honest and helpful to each other and to those outside of our guild. We are a shining light, leading by example with confidence, compassion, and good thoughts that bear the fruit of enjoyment and fulfillment.
We are called Radiance, because the definition of radiance is the state of being vividly brilliant and shining. Much like various colors of the spectrum must combine to produce white light, our radiance will unite to form an exuberant continuum of light.
We endeavour to create a family ambiance in our guild, a unit that stands up for each other through thick and thin. Don’t be shy or afraid to talk in guild chat, you will never be turned down !

We do not want to make an army or a legion kind of thing. No. We want to be a real brotherhood, where any member would stand for a camarade regardless of them being friends, where everybody is treated and treats others with respect and where we seek personal accomplishment in the benefit of the whole.

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We are willing to accomplish the same success as on Perfect World International, which is being one of the leading guilds of the server.
To accomplish this, but also to create a strong and bound community, we are looking to recruit mature players that have a taste for glory and greatness in all things. That being said, maturity is not based only on age… Nor level ! Noobs are welcome :)

Anyone wanting to tend to excellence and enjoyment is welcome in our guild.
We believe a guild is like a secondary family, where you can share whatever is on your mind/heart. Therefore, dont be afraid to talk in guild chat !

Please note that the main rule in the guild is respect. You can seek victory and performance at all costs, but not at the cost of verbaly/moraly hurting a member of the brotherhood. After all, this is a game and it is meant to have fun !

We prefer people who are interested in the 3 aspects of the game or are at least willing to give each a real try. Many things get better when done with friends ;)
Why pay 60$ to play only 1/3 of it, right ? lol

For the guild to be enjoyable, we have a 100% representation policy that ensure that there is always something going on.

To join us, either contact wiloman.8613 or neekachu.9715 or any of our officers (listed here). If you dont get ahold of any of us, you can submit an application here after reading our Code of Conduct and Charter.

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Our members are greatly encouraged to participate in PvP activities, from the Arena to World vs World.
Radiance being a conquerant guild, we strive to dominate in any type of battle for lands.
By participating in WvW, we not only shine by our ways and behavior, but we also bring great bonuses to the whole server.
It’s also a great opportunity to cooperate with your guildmates and have fun together !


Here are the plateforms we have :
- Ventrilo
- Forums
- Part of a WvW alliance
- Event calendar

For more detailed information, you can visit our website : http://gw2.radiance-pwi.net/site in which you'll find all the infos you need. If you dont, there is a contact form there if you have any doubts (or you can catch us in-game too at the list provided above).

If you're hesitating, you can still follow us on Facebook or Twitter to see what we're up to !

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Posted 05 February 2013 - 10:04 PM

Bump ! Posted Image
We keep growing and we're still looking for more people to join us ! Not any kind, though, we're looking for people who really want to be a part of the guild (noob to GW2 or not, it don't matter).

(yes, we have panda smileys on our forums)
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