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build for dungeons and beyond (PvE)

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Posted 13 December 2012 - 04:55 AM

I've seen a lot of posts saying mesmers have a suboptimal damage role in dungeons due to:

1) slow ramp-up time to do DPS
2) DPS depending too heavily on illusions that die too easily
3) other professions apply conditions and boons much better

On the other hand, there is some respect for pure utility like feedback, null field, defender, disenchanter and time warp, and just the ability to stay alive I suppose. So if I were to build for a support role in dungeons, it depends heavily on the utilities above, only a few traits (restorative mantras or warden's feedback, for example), and not so much on equipment (because healing power scales poorly).

My questions are:

1) in terms of support, what is more useful: a mantra healing build or one focused on reflection abilities?
2) if I spec for dungeon support, what else should I spec into so that I can be effective in say, solo PvE, without totally respec'ing my build every time I'm not in a dungeon?
3) equipment? pure power/crit or condition damage?

Or maybe I'm thinking of this all wrong and should go with a full shatter DPS build and just throw in feedback and null field?

Sorry if these are noob questions. Never been in a dungeon with a mesmer before.
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