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Best Profession to beat ranged-class. A.K.A High Output Damage,DPS

please help!

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#1 Ratchaphol


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Posted 13 December 2012 - 08:19 AM

I had stop playing GW2 for 3 - 4 month. Hard to belive. I almost forget everything about the game!

I had 70s' guardian toons. But that doesn't meant anything. I want to start from scratch again.

Now i want to focus on PVP and World vs World. And i need your help

1.Please suggest me which class is good as damage dealer or if possible can kill some ranged-class with a few blow. (if possible tell me which build or trait i should focus on that class)

2.Do guardian are good to do something i mentioned in First Question? lol

Anyway i prefer to play new character instead. You know i want to feel like this is my first time playing GW2.


ps.apologises for English.! I'm Asiannn :P
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#2 Vence


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Posted 13 December 2012 - 08:37 AM

Kill some ranged class in only a few blows...
A good dmg dealer..
Hehehe i know where this is going..you my friend are wanting to play a Thief!!! Or more specifically a dual dagger beserker thief with a shortbow as your secondary ofcouse for awesome mobility and aoe as well.

In other words, you would probably role with a 25 deadly art, 30 critical strike, and 15 acrobatics for the extra iniative. You hook yourself up with basilisk venom, cloak and dagger while stealing, and finish with a backstab or some heartseekers as needed.

2.Do guardian are good to do something i mentioned in First Question? lol

Well if you're wondering if a guardian can kill a ranged class, well yes it can, BUT not in a few blows. It will take a little time but not as fast a thief.
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#3 MrForz


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Posted 13 December 2012 - 01:09 PM

If you're also looking to remain out of the ordinary, Berserker Rifle Engineer is underrated and has combos that can do absurd amounts of damage if coupled with Grenade Barrage, getting you to go 30/10/0/0/30 (or 30/20/0/0/20) with the Grenadier trait. And we're fairly equipped to deal with most ranged classes.

The Pistol/Shield counterpart is one of the best setups to fight ranged players and even if you lack some slight damage output to instagib your ennemies, Confusions, Retaliations and Reflects are here to remedy.

Some Elementalist builds can also be a pain in the arse for alot of ranged players but requires you to have 4 hands to play correctly.

Berserker Rifle Warriors will instagib anything as long as this 'anything' didn't see the player loading the Killshot - Volley; which means that they're very bad duelists.

(And yes I speak out of frustration, I feel like I'm the only roaming Engineer in a planet full of cloned Thieves and it irritates me to the point that I wouldn't find the force to roll one)
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#4 dawdler


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Posted 15 December 2012 - 10:44 PM

Simple: Mesmer.

Bubble them, confuse them... they kill themselves.

Other than that, anyone that is a better player than said ranged dps class will kill him.
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