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PvE Sword BM Dungeon Build

sword bm build sword build

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#1 Dahk


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Posted 13 December 2012 - 02:20 PM

A while back, I decided to take a break from the short bow in dungeons to try a melee spec. I ran with a greatsword build for a while and was surprised at just how tanky a ranger can be in melee with the right build and weapon, but I decided that I wanted something that would bring more damage, so I looked to the 1h sword. After a lot of experimentation and looking at other 1h sword builds, I've decided on this:


**Updated Build Below**


Goal of this build:
- Provide high dps through melee while being sturdy enough to stay alive in tough fights
- Supplement pet dps through stacking might

Important Talents:
- Wilderness Knowledge: Lightning Reflexes is particularly important since it allows higher might stacking on pets (from pounce on the sword), so talents that reduce the cooldown are important.

- Companion's Defense: Along with giving strong defense to myself, it allows me to prevent pets from getting gibbed when they get caught in boss abilities or can't get out of bad stuff in time since I can dodge to protect them.

- Mighty Swap: This allows pets to be changed frequently for the quickness without causing too much loss of the might boon on the pet

- Fortifying Bond: This is one of the main reasons I have a Jungle Stalker in my build. The F2 ability of the pet generates 10 stacks on the pet instead of 5 with this talent since the 5 stacks I get bounce back to the pet on top of what the pet gave himself.

I primarily use Berserker (power/precision/crit damage) armor with this, although I do also have some soldier (power/toughness/vit) pieces to prevent being too squishy. Also, I have Centaur runes in this build, but this is mainly a quality of life choice since I'm in love with swiftness. However, there are likely better choices if you're focusing on dungeons.

Use of the build:
- Swap weapon sets frequently to get the might stacks from Sigil of Battle for you and your pet.
- As with any build that uses a 1h sword, turn off autoattack to prevent being stuck/rooted by the animation.
- Whenever Rampage as One is available, use it when your Raven is out. This is because you can easily get 25 stacks of might on your pet with this ability and the raven's F2 ability will make good use of this since it's a high damage attack. Also, the stalker doesn't need to cast Mighty Roar when RaO is up, so they don't benefit from it as much.
- When RaO is on cooldown, swap pets frequently. This benefits you for two reasons. One is of course that you gain quickness on swap from your talents. The other reason is that you can use F2 abilities more frequently since this cooldown is reset when pets are swapped.

Since so much of this build is set around stacking might on your pet, the use of cooldowns and pet swap make a big difference in damage output.

- Swap an offhand for a torch: Burning can be problematic in PvE if you have other party members that may already be stacking the condition, but it does provide a higher dps potential if you don't run into these stacking problems.
- Swap Signet of the Wild: If you're running into a lot of condition damage, Sig of Renewal may work better and if you want more damage, you can bring "Sick 'Em" while swapping Speed Training for Shout Master

Work in Progress:
There's always room for improvement, so I'm open for advice on this build. One of the main areas I've been indecisive about is the 20th talent point in Nature Magic. I'd like to invest 10 in Skirmishing for Pet's Prowess or Companion's Might, but I'm not sure what I would remove to get this. I'm considering dropping the 20 point talents from WS and NM to get this, but I'm not sure yet.

** Update 12/15/2012 ** I made the switch to drop 5 points from WS and NM respectively for the 10 in Skirmishing to get the 30% damage increase on pet crits since so much of the damage in this build comes from pet dps. Also, I swapped in “Sick ’Em” since the buff convinced me to use it. Finally, I went with “of the Ranger” runes for the extra precision since the strength sigils rely on crit to proc. I may need to use some more defensive gear to offset some of these changes.

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#2 My Sweet Lily

My Sweet Lily

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Posted 14 December 2012 - 08:06 PM

I saw this build on the official forum, but couldn't see it, because of Bad Link, so fix it, so people in there can test this build out :).

Interesting build. What happens, when you need to gain some range? I've never seen a build, with 2 swords. What I'm really interested in, is what kind of numbers do you see? Defensive traits and a few defensive pieces of gear , I get that these will keep you alive (I've been running a bunker GS build a while, and I know how much a difference they make), but what about damage?
Onto the build, I would change Healing Spring to Troll Unguent. I've seen, what a big difference it makes, while playing at melee range. I know, that it's for group support, but I'm a bit selfish :).
Do your sigils proc? I mean, do you get 6 stacks of Might when swapping? And is it 60% chance to get Might with the other set?
One last question. Which pieces of gear/jewelery are Berserker's and which are Soldier's? Need to know, if I'm going to test this build out :).

Lol immediate edit, but I just realized, that you can use the whirl while in Healing Spring to heal allies, so maybe Healing Spring isn't all that bad.

Edited by My Sweet Lily, 14 December 2012 - 08:08 PM.

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#3 Dahk


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Posted 15 December 2012 - 12:44 AM

Yea, for whatever reason links with this build calculator always show up as a "bad link" on the official forums unless you copy and paste it. I added a link to the same build on the Guildhead calculator on that thread to help though.

For ranged situations, this build is a bit weak, but I haven't found that as hindering as I thought initially. I do frequently hop out of melee temporarily during certain boss attacks, but I just use my offhand ranged abilities for those moments. If a fight is so melee unfriendly that I can't stay in at all, I just bring a bow, but that's a pretty rare situation from my experience. With good use of dodges, I find that I don't have to worry about survival in melee that much.

I like Trolls Unguent for a heal, but I almost always run dungeons with my fiance, so I like having some way to help out when they're in trouble, lol.

For sigils, the amount if procs depends a bit on your gear. I'm running with mostly berserker gear and a few pieces of soldiers at the moment, so I'm at about 32% crit if I remember right. This is lower than what I think would work best, so I'm going to be switching out my centaur runes for Runes of the Ranger to supplement this. Since the sigils are reliant on crit, I've been even more tempted to drop some points from WS and NM to invest 10 into Skirmishing. However, even with my low crit rate, the sigils do tend to proc regularly and really shine when I have quickness up.

For gear, as I mentioned above, I am using mostly berserker with some soldier's pieces. It's possible that I could get away with full berserker gear, but I'm not risking it at the moment.
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#4 earthcry


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Posted 17 December 2012 - 08:51 PM

Lol immediate edit, but I just realized, that you can use the whirl while in Healing Spring to heal allies, so maybe Healing Spring isn't all that bad.

Not to mention the leap from the sword, which heals you as well.
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