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Made my own build what do you think?

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#1 Sir Matthew

Sir Matthew

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Posted 14 December 2012 - 12:55 AM

hey sorry I have so many threads open about warrior builds. but instead of asking for builds I mustered up the courage to actually make my own. the goal of the build is to have alot of survivability but also deal decent damage, basically a balanced warrior. heres the link so what do you guys think? I'm a little iffy on the utility skills so any reccomendations will be appreciated

(ps I want to keep the mace/shield combo so no suggestions about weapon switching please, just on traits and utilities)

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#2 Brand


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Posted 14 December 2012 - 04:46 AM

Mace/shield is a pretty bad combo for dps. Basically what I see this build turning into if you want dps and survivability is this: http://www.guildhead...gLma0xx0VMsqVMq

Switch to the banner of your choosing (Though Strength will give the most dps)
Mending because you have no reliable condition removal.
Use Bowl of Orrian Truffle and Meat Stew as your food buff, this allows you to use Dolyak signet over Signet of Stamina.

Banners will provide regen so you'll be giving group support via that and being pretty tanky, the regen will also make up for the loss of healing signet. Signet of Rage is exclusively better than Battle Standard.

I think I'd roll with Soldier's gear just because the Crit from Knight's isn't really going to help you...

Just sort of threw this together, it will do a little less damage perhaps but it will make up for it in survivability and team support.

Personally I'd recommend that you don't try to be a middle-man warrior though. You should check out Sithicus' [Think Tank] thread, as he runs a Mace/Shield build that does nearly the same dps (Group wide) but gives stellar heals and lots of group support, while being very tanky and removing lots of conditions. It really seems like the build for you.

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#3 Sir Matthew

Sir Matthew

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Posted 14 December 2012 - 10:38 AM

ok thank you I guess that's what i'll go with haha
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