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Shout DPS Durable Build - WvW

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#1 Kiroshy


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Posted 14 December 2012 - 07:48 PM

Hey guys nice to meet you! I am here with a new build that I made and maybe can help other people to be a Durable Dps Guardian. The focus of the build is WvW , I can do a great damage with good survival and a bit support too.

The build : http://gw2skills.net...1IqxWjrGZNLIGWA

Just a explanation about the polemic of healing skill : Shelter vs Signet

Without the reduction of the signet trait Shelter is better in WvW because if you go to the zerg you will be able to receive hit from everybody.
The difference between Shelter and Signet is 3595 and 2s of block can block more than 3595 if you re the focus of the enemies.

Now I will try explain the traits
Valor - V -Lose a condition every 10 seconds - In the WvW you will search alot of conditions so why not ?
VI - 5% of Toughness is given as bonus to precision. You gear have alot of toughness and you are heavy armor. You will get like 80~100 precision that is 4~5% Critical chance ( believe, it will help u alot ).
XI - Applying a boon to allies heals you - You will heal 70 base without healing power with each boon that you give to the guys next to you ( you can reach the maximum of 5 guys); With 3 shouts that gives 2 boon each one to 5 allies you will heal yourself alot.
2 boons x 70 = 140 x 5 allies = 700 each shout you use.

Honor - II - you use 3 shouts in this build why not recharge 20% faster ? LoL.
IX = You use 2 Two handed weapons
VIII - Nearby allies gain might for 5s when you land a critical hit. You will have alot of critical chance and two skills that are AOE so you will get alot of critical hits and get alot of self mights and more.. you will give might for 5 guys around you ... the own!

Virtues - II - Retaliation lasts 25% Longer - You can put retaliation to 5 guys and in zergs the allies will be hitted alot so reflect damage in AOE seems nice (:

With this build I think about this gears;

Armor - Full Power/Toughness/Vitality
Weapon - Berzeker = Power Precision Critical Damage
Trinket - Berzeker = Power Precision Critical Damage
Runes: Divinity / Beryl Orb or Ruby Orb ( you can choose the best option for you )
Greatsword - Sigil of Fire will make a good AoE DPS if you are in the zerg and can make a good single dps too.
Hammer - Bloodlust is the best option because you hit in AoE with hammer with the skill 2 and can get the stacks really fast.

Finish :D

If anyone think that something in the build can be better tell me because Im here to this. Please tell me your opinion about the build! thank you
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#2 Marqo


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Posted 15 December 2012 - 04:23 AM

Pretty much what I've been using for a while with the 30's, I've been putting 10 into radiance instead though.
I do swap quite a bit depending on my mood. Most times I do like the extra 20% less cd on signet heal though, in Radiance. The crit is quite a nice bonus with it to.
I totally understand shelter in WvW, though I do play more of a less zerg more 'hit n run' playstyle.

I've been running with Soldiers runes for condition removal, 70% of WvW (in my eyes) is range classes nuking and applying every condition under the sun so it helps a lot for me.
I use Emerald jewellery for crit / toughness and my wep has 5% crit sigil to bump me into the 45% crit mark.
I also swap between GS +Staff or Hammer in WvW depending on situation. The staff might stacks with AH to give heals is almost to hard to give up most times though & don't forget line of warding.

The only thing I'm not so sure about is your elite. I love the full heal of Tome of Courage. The way I use it is, cast Tome then pop stability mid cast. This allows you to get it off in time without being knocked down and r*ped.
Though again, that being said... I can also see if you're in mass zerg 2 secs of invuln could be 30k+ damage.

Other than that, your build seems pretty good. I think a lot of people have the same idea as us with it too, lol.

Well, no idea how I helped in this post more just agree on a bunch of stuff, lol.
Anyways have fun over the holidays and good luck !

quick edit:
With the staff; I use vit prec and healing power - it's great for dodge rolls, it really is. The GS "2" with the amount of crits you can accomplish with staff / GS your endurance is nearly always full... you can accomplish a lot with dodge rolls w/ added heals :)
well i'm off have a good one ^

Edited by Marqo, 15 December 2012 - 04:28 AM.

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#3 arekkusuro


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Posted 18 December 2012 - 10:31 AM

@OP - great write up! i'm play a simiarl build but debating between trying out new builds / gear so this is nice to read. : )) just a small suggestion for now - hammer with bloodlust. if you reach full stacks, you can switch to another weapon. maybe hammer with force or strength or even accuracy for the added 5% crit chance. since the stacks will stay even if you switch weapons.

for some reason i can't open the build, so i can't see your utilities chosen. but i blame it on this very old version of IE we're forced to use at work. XPP

@Marqo - i've actually not even unlocked my ToC yet. i ought to do that soon. i usually run with ToW to be more offensive. great for pushing lines as well as defense or offene on keeps. at the same time, i often forget to switch to RF while running around. if you really need to get away from a zerg and massive AoE raining down on your, pop F123, blinds + one block and some regen, plus healing from AH, then hit shelter 2 sec, then renewed focus another 3 secs of invul, and you have your virtues to use again so it's decent when needed. ; ))

i love using the staff as well along with AH. #4 works wonders and who doesn't like a good stack of might!
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