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Auto attack rifle build

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#1 kilwerk


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Posted 15 December 2012 - 07:34 AM

What i am looking for is using the rifle and was thinking elixirs for buffs and times when i get in a pinch and i have been running some builds trying to find out what i want and i have come to you today with any thoughts on builds and trait ideas i should be following

What i was hoping to go for is kinda like the engineer in the mists when you fight that little Asura Given she is a bot but she is hitting me for 2 k per hip shot i wanna be able to do that

I kinda was looking for swiftness so lots of mobility and then using the rifle as the main weapon
and to be tough withstand a good beating

That being said the closest build i got i had 1.1 k toughness idk if that's good or bad but then it was around 1.8 k for the rest of them and i ended up with around 27 k health which seems super high

Before you go out on using kits i have tried and tried again i don't like any of the kits i don't i like the rifle though and the elixirs so i figured i would join them TA DA

thanks for any opinions and responses
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#2 lmaonade


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Posted 15 December 2012 - 10:38 AM

yes I've tried that sort of build before, I usually play rifle/grenadier with elixirs, but when I'm lazy and playing hot join I take out grenadier and just use rifle for laughs


I used something similar to this, it's a ton of fun to use in sPvP, however, if you plan on playing PvP seriously, then you'd have to use kits, rifle + elixirs is a fun and awesome build, but doesn't hold up competitively.

just run around and destroy things with your rifle, you do plenty of damage, your crits deal a ton of extra effects (bleed, blind, and AoE blast), and there's nothing more satisfying then the super combo of Net Shot -> Blunderbuss -> Supply Crate -> point blank Jump Shot -> Overcharged Shot. Lays waste to most people in low ranked hot join.

run around and kill things, people don't know how to stop you and your Elixirs.
try to use jump shot right next to them, the start and end do damage (start does half the damage the end does), and it can deal an upwards of 5-6k in total when critting both hits.
you have 2 stun breaks with your elixirs, combo that with the runes of Svanir (stuns you and makes you invulnerable for 5 seconds when you reach 20% hp, you can break the stun part), if you use Elixir R after Runes of Svanir proc, then you'll be running around invulnerable for 5 seconds, use that time to overwhelm your opponents

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#3 FoxBat


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Posted 15 December 2012 - 12:17 PM

If you just want to blow up low level stuff, max firearms and tools, grab static disharge and a bunch of nice toolbelt skills. Toolkit, rifle turret, goggles, ram head, whatever, get into mobs faces and burst them down. Use medkit for heals, fury, and maybe speedy kits.

I assume this is in the PvE section for a reason.

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#4 kilwerk


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Posted 15 December 2012 - 08:51 PM

yea sorry to mention i was looking for a fun pve build from the start cause i like engineer but they are squishy squishier than my thief and yea want to melt some faces in pve till i get up there then idk but yea
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