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New Weapon Types- Just a little dream of mine


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Posted 15 December 2012 - 11:55 AM

Now, I know that it won't be any time soon. But this is more of an opinion that I'd like to share and get feedback on more than anything else.

Guild Wars 2 is a very diverse game, simple enough for beginners but challenging enough that it's difficult to master. As a bit of a though, and though it will not be possible in the near future, I wanted to create a 'What If'.
What if GW2 featured separate weapon skills? Instead of having 3 weapon options (as is the dilemma of my Engineer) and being one thing in general, why not go along with ANet's original idea and make separate weapon skills?

What do I mean by this? I mean a choosable (or maybe bound-to-weapon) set that is based on a certain build or stat (toughness, vitality, etc.). For instance. If a warrior had a greatsword and wanted to make it more based on their vitality or toughness than power, certain greatswords would have a weapon set based on it (ie. Toughness would make it so that armor would be temporarily buffed and doing AoE damage would be easier, whereas Vitality would make dodging and kiting much easier and more diverse.)

Why have this idea? Well, it's not exactly meant to be a major improvement to the game. But rather, this idea is more of a diversity feature, to make the game more fun and have way more choices when it comes to builds. While the current idea makes weapons more useful in a certain sense (shortbows for quick and easy firing vs longbow for stronger attacks), my thinking was that the build could form the weapon into something completely different, rather than just using it for what it is commonly thought of.

Again, thanks, and I understand it's not very realistic. I just want to hear the opinions on this idea, and thought it might be a great conversation starter.
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