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Three things...

top 3 someone had to do this

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Posted 16 December 2012 - 05:27 AM

Name up to three things that Guild Wars 2 does that you want other developers to take note of.

The point of this thread is because I wanted to show people how you do a constructive, positive thread without asking for a walled garden where all the threads are basically a themed version of lovely day, isn't it. That's not what we want. A forum is for thinking, and talking, and more thinking, and perhaps even learning. It can be an erudite, enlightening experience. If you let it be. So here's how we're going to do this.

So let's go over a few things: I would like:

- For this thread to be useful.
- To not have 'I ship GW2 + me' posts.
- To have a laser focus on the things you want.
- To try to be as logical as you can about the very beast parts of GW2, the parts you think are worth keeping.

Of course, this may all go horribly wrong, but consider it a thought experiment. Let's see if we can do this. This requires you to look at the game, to really analyse what you do in it, how you play, why you play, and the elements you want to see occurring again in MMOs from here on out. These are the things that you believe are an evolution of the genre, rather than simple, cosmetic changes. To a degree, this is a paradigm shift. This is something that made you say 'Wow, I really like this.'

So here's a template you can use, if you want:

What I liked: Thing.
Why I think it should stick around: Reason.
How it could be improved: Ideas.

So, use that, or don't!

I'll be the first to weigh in on this...

What I liked: Jumping puzzles.
Why I think it should stick around: They're fun, they involve a lot of skill. And they allow you to really capture that feeling of exploring ancient ruins. That quintessential feeling of being Indiana Jones.
How it could be improved: Perhaps include some riddles and puzzles. Maybe some better traps (the old, rolling boulder is a goodie). Tighten up the controls, make movement faster and snappier. The environment could be made to feel more interactive with things like ledge grabbing and wall climbing. Maybe have some wall jumping in there, if you're being adventurous. Have it in some more fantastic locales, like brilliantly beautiful science-fantasy ruins... that sort of thing.

What I liked: Hidden things.
Why I think it should stick around: It helps give the world personality, it brings it to life and really adds that special something that makes you want to stick around and explore. It's not there for loot, or for cheevos, or for anything. It's just there to be awesome. Some are tied into jumping puzzles, like the pirate cave, and that's cool. But others are just there for the experience, like the ghost and the graveyard (trying not to spoil things).
How it could be improved: This I don't honestly think could be improved. This was my favourite part of GW2. If anything? I'd just say that we need more of it. More stuff that's there just to be experienced, a hidden story, with no combat or anything clogging it up and breaking the flow.

And that's my opinion. Now it's your turn.

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Posted 16 December 2012 - 06:17 AM

what I liked: dragon events
why I think it should stick around/be expanded: There are 5 (6 if you read lore forum) elder dragons, and we only get to fight 3 of the champions of the elder dragons. I'd like to see the other 2 (3) introduced as well to keep people informed as to the other dragons, as well as giving 2 (3) more world events for people to flock to. I like the fact that 50-100 people gather for 1 event. Despite the apparent tedium of the attack, claw of jormag I actually think is a well designed event that others should follow.
how it could be improved: make the events more like the claw of jormag event. as it stands, jormag actually has multiple parts and roles, where as shatterer and tequatl are basically just "sit at a claw and attack until dead" events. I'd like to see them implemented more like the CoJ event. Also, chest rewards need to be better out of it. They should guarantee a rare drop at least every time instead of just a bunch of worthless blues and a crest/jewel due to the scale of the event.

what I liked: personal story
why I think it should stick around: In the lower levels (1-30), it is extremely personal. All of it has to do with your choices in creation and your race, which does give it a personal feel. It is also entirely optional, which if you aren't a fan of the story means you don't have to do it, which is also nice. It's a nice way to progress through some of the lore if you aren't a GW1 player as well.
how it could be improved: rewards could be increased slightly, whether in xp gained or in the choice rewards after completion. The order quests from 30-50 need expansion to be slightly more interesting, as of right now they all basically follow the same format (get introduced -> learn about a new race -> orr invades). The story also needs to be reworked to make it feel personal after level 50. At this point you basically become Trahearne's doggy, and the quest feels more like his story than your own. As such I personally don't do the PS after level 30 for the most part as I've lost interest. Making some slight changes to make it more personal I think would be worthwhile overall and get more people doing it.

what I liked: dungeons
why I think it should stick around: they are the "end game" at this point for me. They give good rewards that have choice and are not forced, and imo are overall fairly well designed. the story mode paths expand on the story after level 30, making it feel more in depth, but are not at all part of the PS other than Arah story.
how it could be improved: Story mode needs expanded rewards, a rare hat doesn't cut it, especially with the skin being constant. No one runs story as the paths are longer and generally harder than many explorable paths with limited rewards at best. Also, some of the explorable paths need tweaking to make people want to run them. SE is hardly ever ran on my server because the content is buggy and strangely harder than higher level dungeons due to path mechanics. Arah explorable other than path 3 also seems ridiculously more difficult than other dungeons, which is slightly understandable due to location and mobs in it, but when I can do a run of a different level 80 dungeon in less than half of the time it takes to do most of the Arah explorable runs, the difficulty scale is way off for no level difference in explorable.
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