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Soldiers Of Fortuna ]SoF] Recruitment

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 05:58 PM

We are just a simple guild who is looking for loyal people to represent the guild, to take part in either WvW events or to help others in PvE and who is actively on. We are currently on the Ehmry Bay server and have done decently in WvW, however, our WvW team could use expansion. Our hope is to take and keep Stonemist Castle or a decently sized keep, such as a garrison. In PvE, we have people who enjoy going through dungeons and helping others level up, complete daily quests and go for overall map completion.
We had about 50 members at one point, but they did not represent our guild, were not active and/or did not want to participate/assist the other members. We are looking for people who will help the guild grow and hopefully become one of the more prominent guilds in Guild Wars 2. Wouldn’t that be nice, eh?
We have an online forum board website set up as well, and if you join the guild, you can join the forums and find out about different events going on, as well as anything we need from our members.
The rank structure is pretty simple, there is myself at the top, and from there it splits in two, under the Oathkeeper and the Grand Duchess. They have people under then, WvW is mostly under the Oathkeeper and any administration position is under the Grand Duchess. Lower down in ranks, we have knights, which is the highest rank before being put under one of the two. The lowest rank is squire, they can deposit into both the guild treasury and stash and represent the guild, but until they show they want to be part of the guild, the will not be promoted. For advancement within the guild it’s simply, buy influence, report things you did to help members and just be active. With just that, your first promotion will come in no time. After that, just keep up the good work.
If you are interested in the guild or have any question, you can contact me here, or in game. My online ID is Soldiers-Bane.2301, and I can be found on the Ehmry Bay server.
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