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Some of my ideas, just random stuff

ideas imagination

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 09:12 PM

First of all, i would love an elf race. It is lore friendly, and cool too.

Second, more short hair styles. I have noticed with longer hair, the weapons such as great sword bow.. e.t.c can cut into the hair

This may seem stupid to some, but for next Halloween a big bowl of orange jello to swim in... i know, that was random, but makes since :3

And last, but not least,some of the clothing in the gem shop would be awesome to have as skins for armor. Especially the pirate costume.

Added 12/10/12

Hello! more ideas :)
I was thinking of a profession that uses NO weapon... But instead calls upon the forces of nature. By that I mean you control what you summon, for example, summon a tree spirit, and direct it to fight your target. And maybe instead of a "weapon" you would have an amulet that you can see (not like the accessory slot) (IMO, this goes great with my elf race idea)

This one is a little more strange but just came to my mind. You know all the rabbits we see running around? since rabbits are naturally small, and there is cabbage in the game.... why not be able to go up and "feed" them, and when you do they can follow you around a bit. Of course they would be like a mini-pet, but the idea is cute :)

Well, that is it for now... will add more when I think of more :3

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