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Wings of Eclipse [WOE] PvX on Tarnished Coast NA

pvx tarnished coast

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 10:46 PM

Hello fellow Tyrians,

Thank you for taking a moment to learn about the Wings of Eclipse.
Although this guild was created awhile ago, we decided to get organized and get some guild work done before we began recruiting. So...here's what you need to know:

Guild name: Wings of Eclipse [WOE]

Website and Forum: www.wingsofeclipse.com

Server: Tarnished Coast

Type of Guild: PvX

Primary language: English (English does not have to be your first language, but your english will need to be good enough that we can understand you and vice versa.)

Voice Chat: Primarily RaidCall and sometimes Skype
Required?: Not in most cases.

Donations: No donations will be required OR accepted by any individual. IF you want to donate to the guild, we ask that you do so by purchasing influence to be used for guild upgrades.

Roleplay friendly?: Yes, absolutely. (See our requirements page)
Roleplay required?: No, but we do encourage a sense of depth and immersion. What we want most in this regard is for our members to enjoy the game not just as a game but also as a unique, lore-filled world for us to explore.
Additional Notes: We have decided to keep the main guild chat channel roleplay free. We have set aside places within the forums and on raidcall for RP, but we want the guild chat to be exactly that - a standard guild chat for any and all members.
We are definitely not a "hardcore" roleplay guild.

About recruiting:
~ We will likely be recruiting for a long time in order to reach our recruitment goals as well as making sure we accept the right individuals for the guild.
~ Every member of the guild will have some responsibility when it comes to recruiting. This does not mean that actively recruiting people will be required of you. It means that if you know people who share the ideals of the guild and the people in it, then by all means point them in the right direction.
~ We will never do random recruiting. This means no messages in map chat where anyone who sends a pm gets an invite. If we do any recruiting in map chat it will be to direct people to our site to learn more about us.

What we want (essentially) from you:
~ You are 18+ years old. We expect you to be a mature, adult member. This is by no means a vulgar guild, but adult conversations are bound to take place and we prefer for them not to devolve into anything ugly. (This age rule may be waived in EXTREMELY rare circumstances.)
~ You are kind, respectful, helpful, mature, fun, and active.
~ You really want to be involved with your guild. This means you don't just want people to help you get armor or to spam events with. You want to get to know people and embrace a community you can become close to and have fun with while doing more than just grinding the game.
~ You like to drop by the forums and chat, make suggestions, post ideas, and improve the guild community as a whole.

What we want from the game and guild:
~ To have a good time with all members enjoying all the aspects of guild wars 2, inluding aspects we create ourselves for fun.
~ To have a solid number of members, but not so many that we have no hope of ever getting to know each other.

Lore-friendly backstory:

Our world, this land of Tyria, is a beautiful place wrapped in clear blue skies and vast oceans, towering mountains and lush grassy plains, deep forests and icy snowfields. At least, it was. The Elder Dragons have awoken, causing havoc and disaster across the land. Lives flicker out one by one, hopes are shattered, and darkness continues to fall.

We fight, slowly trying to regain what we have lost. Warriors, sages, and adventurers throughout Tyria strive to fight against these monstrosities. The Vigil, Durmand Priory, and Order of Whispers have formed amongst all the races to fight back in their own ways. However, their highly individualized views have clouded their insight and wisdom on the battlefield. The various members have realized this and decided to take a different approach: the combined effort. As such, Pact was born. The rise of Pact signaled the beginning of the fall of Zhaitan, the first general of the Elder Dragon’s war. However, there were those among Pact who knew the battle wasn’t over, that Zhaitan was only the beginning. They joined hands in oath, and vowed to strengthen all of Tyria. These individuals eventually became known as the Wings of Eclipse. They work behind the scenes to lift up the people, and to hunt down any enemy of Tyria.

We will take the darkness poured down on us by the dragons and cast it back upon them. May our wings be their last sight before darkness takes them, may only our feathers mark their graves. Let us be the dragon’s woe.


Links to things you should read before joining:

Who We Are



Contact Information:

Arkeon.1234 - Arkk Shieldbearer - [email protected]
Kaii.5149 - Tei Faolan, Jumoku, Rue Azai - [email protected]

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. You can reply here, email, or contact us in game. Alternatively, you can check out our website and use the contact form.
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