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LF big ol' Aussie guild

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Posted 20 December 2012 - 05:40 AM

Currently I'm in a nice although dwindling guild with members online in the North American evening hours.

But my hours shift a lot, and sometimes I am up all night and asleep all day. So I can go a week at a time being the only person I see in my guild for an 8 hour stretch. It's lonesome.

So I'm looking for an Aussie guild with lots of active players to play with (and represent) during my night/their day.

I play every day, doing a bit of everything. Both dailies, rare node grabbing, dragons, crafting, trading. WvW and Dungeons are something I'd like to get more into.

With dungeons, especially the first time I like to take my time and enjoy it. I watch the cutscene, I don't run past enemies, I try to use stategy and synergy with my group. Speed runs are not my style. It's just no fun if I try it without guildies, but my current guild rarely has enough people who want to do a dungeon.

I'm in my low 30s and though I don't care about age, I would prefer a guild that's mature. Not a bunch of librarians, but not people being argumentative and accusing each other of QQing. Swearing, sex jokes, drunk playing, I'm cool with.

I mainly play an ele that I'm very experienced with. Waiting on a couple of exotics for dungeon rewards before he's in max gear.

I have my Active Guild Member achievement FYI ;)
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