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ArenaNet's Habib Loew and Matt Witter on GuildCenter

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#1 GW2 Junkies Podcast

GW2 Junkies Podcast

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Posted 23 December 2012 - 05:51 AM

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GuildCenter was pleased to spend time speaking with Habib Loew and Matt Witter on several different World Vs World topics. You can find the link to the podcast here, as well as a recap of topics discussed (recap begins at the interview portion of the podcast). Time stamps for each topic can be found below.

Topic Time Stamps
22:08 Introduction of Habib Loew and Matt Witter

23:34 Creating the concept of WvW, what influenced the vision for WvW and the unique design challenges the developer team faced by putting three servers against each other.

25:21 The various changes the game has gone through since the initial iteration of the first WvW maps, siege weapons and other ideas to what the game is today

26:15 Why are there three maps that are the same and will we ever see maps that are different than what is in game today, and the challenges the developers faced with creating maps.

28:11 The design of fights and objectives, are they designed for smaller scale fights or larger scale fights – what kind of player is WvW designed for.

29:09 What classes do our two guests play and enjoy the best

30:29 Culling – what it is, a great breakdown of what is causing culling for players (including the tip that there is a certain number of players that will load), and the improvements being made to improve culling.

33:42 Match length and when/if it will change from the one week current cycle and the benefits of the match cycle

34:43 Population of servers and the current design plans for servers as the increase or decrease in population.

36:02 Server transfers and what we can expect for the future of transfers and the impact of server transfers on the WvW game

37:49 Breakouts – what they are , how they are working with the WvW community and how they may change in the future, as well as other potential thoughts on the future for WvW events

40:11 The WvW patch for February and the developers view on motivation/reward for players to continue to play WvW in its current state and in the future

41:55 Siege and the level of challenge when taking objectives with the 24/7 WvW maps.

44:04 Creating the RTS element into the map with the ability for the player to create their own front line (portable siege walls!) and the challenges the developers face when implementing this concept. Discussion regarding siege and the creative usage of said siege by players.

45:48 The potential for a live scoreboard for players to view when not in game.

47:27 Wintersday and the siege that is now shooting giant snowballs of death, presents of death and ribbons of death.

49:04 Raid and group management windows – why are they designed the way they are and can the players expect any UI raid/group window changes. [/spoil]
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