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Viable Crit/AH Build

guardian altruistic ah crit build balance

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#1 Briareus


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Posted 25 December 2012 - 04:56 PM

First post here, been lurking since i started GW2 about 4 weeks ago and ive come to the point where i want to start pointing the overall build in certain direction. Read some of Aodans posts, watched a lot of vids from experienced Guardians and have a guildmate with 4 Guardians, but i still feel i could change some things around and fill in some holes.
Well, Im going for an Altruistic-Healing/Damage-through-Crits build.

I constantly quick-swap between hammer and greatsword for aoe-damage, symbols and the hammer's cc, always making use of shouts. I'm ignoring Condition damage entirely.
Some would say, use focus/scepter for the AH, but ive never felt comfortable with the scepter because it removes me ever so slightly out of the melee zone and ive learned to use the hammer pretty well.

This is my current build. Im very open to advice on removing redundancy, increasing synergy and making it more effective.
Ive put in 10 points in radiance for the precision, anything beyond that point in the tiers feels mediocre at best. I do feel im neglecting the virtues though and could have made better use of retaliation and aegis.

My dilemma however, at the end of the day, is how im going to spec my Orrian Armor (Arah Dungeon Armor) with runes.
- Should i go full Soldier and compensate for my lack of toughness and vitality and make all my accessory Exotic Ruby?
- Full Wurm for the vitality and extra crit damage?
- 3x Wurm + 3x Eagle for a Precision/Vitality-Crit combo?
- 2x Water + 2x Monk + 2x ?. I would love the increased boon duration even though they are pretty low at base, but its hard giving up the giant stat increases some of the runes give.
- Combine or go full healing runes instead of vitality or toughness?
Once again, these are just the ones if thought of myself, so feel free to suggest better combos or full 6/6.

Stats without Runes:
Assuming I will be using Orrian Pwr/Pre/Crit armor, all Exotic Berserker Jewelry and 30 in Valor i will end up with minimum 226% Crit Damage (Excluded Wpn Stats for now).
Assuming the same but with at least Exotic 179 Precision/128 Power weapons i will end up with approximately 1820 Power and 1804 Precision (This includes the Retributive Armor).

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#2 lmaonade


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Posted 06 January 2013 - 04:22 AM

Soldier or the boon duration runes imo

remember that longer protection = more damage reduced = less raw stats needed (2x water, 2x monk, and 2x earth in this case for more protection duration), I play with 13805 hp in WvW with no problems (assuming wvw since this is the PvP forums)

I personally go fully offensive (past my traits that is) with lyssa runes, but that's a personal choice and not necessarily optimal.

And I think you should go with virtues instead of radiance, the minor trait is MUCH better, you can arguably get better a major trait, and the bonuses are better too (boon duration and recharge rate on virtues), the precision lost can be regained through food n stuff.

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