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Pve/dungeon ranger build

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Posted 25 December 2012 - 07:54 PM

This build has great survivability with the consent regeneration+ signet of wild also has decent aoe damage from condtions, physical damage is alright.

Armor-apothecary armor / rune of dwayna
amulet/ring/earrings- carrion/carrion jewels
weapons- apothecary (shortbow/axe/torch)
shortbow-sigil of battle/ Axe-sigil of battle/ Torch- any sigil you want
Also carry another shortbow with bloodlust on it

Pets- Pig/warthog
The reason for these guys is to proc your traits from skirmishing (swiftness/fury) picking up the pigs items will allow you to keep fury/swiftness on 24/7 during battle. Also the egg/healing seed/invulnerability from the pig is nice to have. Same with the warthog which gives poison field/ethereal field. (always have your pigs on passive) make some key bindings close to your movement keys to tell them to attack and return to you. i use Alt+Q/Alt+E for mine.

Fighting wise all you want to do is use all your cooldowns and keep swapping pets and weapons for might stacks/quickness/fury/swiftness.

What you contribute to your group.

combo fields
2 fire fields/ 1 poison field/ 2 water fields/1 ethereal field (1 frost field if you trade spike tap out for frost trap)

Rune of dwayna,healing spring, egg, healing seed

Condition removal
Healing spring, healing seed

Condition you bring. (X- describing how many skills can apply that condition)


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