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Pre New Years Event 30th of December Aurora Glade/European server

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Posted 25 December 2012 - 09:10 PM

Hello folks the 30th we do a pre New Year’s event to get u folks ready to hit the new year off with a bang.

This event is open to anyone but is hosted on the European Server Aurora Glade.

I suppose I should start off with introducing who we are. I’m a member of The Rufty Tufty Guild’s management a small guild on the Server of Aurora Glade that enjoys doing stuff together :). We host event’s all the time but this is the first event that is open to anyone. Though small we got some very loyal members that we are very proud of and yes we prefer loyalty over quantity. We are a very friendly bunch so I hope you take this chance to have some fun together with us :).


We start of the evening by playing some Hide and Seek. Depending on the amount of the people joining in we see how many seekers each team will have. Yeah you heard me right teams Red vs Blue. Meaning any person you find will join your team. There is no prize involved in this expect the honor or winning :).

Allowed: Tonics, Abilities to move faster/jump longer.

Not Allowed: Stealth, Changing hiding places

After that we move on to our next event where our sneaky management has hidden them self somewhere in the world and it’s your job to find us all and complete the challenge we throw at you.

This is how it will work: You get a clue to find our first member of the management and then after finding this person you will have to complete a challenge. This challenge can be anything so prepare yourself you never know what to expect. After completing the challenge you will get a clue on how to find the next person and so on. The person to first complete all the challenges and find us all will win a prize.

Whisper the person holding the challenge, if you correctly finished the challenge you will get a new clue and can move on if not try again.

The name of the person you need to find will be given. So you are only allowed to go to that person and not skip ahead.

Remember we will keep track of who complete the challenges at our station so if you try to cheat you will be disqualified.

So to sum it up:
Open to anyone
Server: Aurora Glade, European Server
Time UTC 20:00, 12:00 Server Time
Date: 30th of December
Place: Divinity’s Reach (Hide and Seek), other event u can be sent anywhere.

Any questions contact Kagera Shadowstrike/Drigori.3278

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