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Keg Brawl best brawl

keg brawl keg brawl stratosphere

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#1 Khrushchev


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Posted 27 December 2012 - 05:53 AM

So I just had the absolute most fun I've had in Guild Wars 2 since release.

My friend and I went walking around looking for activities to do while we were waiting and remembered about Keg Brawl.

So we played around a bit, got used to the skills, all the regular stuff. Then it happened.


We soon learned that Lobbing kegs of ale didn't particularly have a max range, and that if you looked straight up and threw it... well, lets say you wouldn't be seeing that keg any time soon.

Naturally, we call in a friend. Now we've got three players determined to do one thing. Throw kegs off of Tyria. We stretch our arms and begin hurtling kegs through the stratosphere, over mountains, and clear over Hoelbrak.

Then a particularly pleasant lady, Cynn, decides she's had enough of our shenanigans,and tells us she's reported us to her friendly neighborhood charr GM.

The next hour or so was spent throwing as many kegs as we possibly could off of Tyria, and using every possible knockdown, daze, and knockback we can on our lovely friend from days of Ascalon past.

Rest assured, I doubt we'll be banned for using a skill as intended (See Keg Brawl goals: prevent other team from scoring. Mission. Freaking. Accomplished.) but if for some odd reason we are, it will be well worth it.
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#2 Lucas Ashrock

Lucas Ashrock

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Posted 27 December 2012 - 06:09 AM

Glad you found content you deeply enjoy :)
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#3 Sheepski


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Posted 27 December 2012 - 11:41 AM

hmm what kind of statistical improvement and/or gold did that reward you? none? well I guess the haters will soon be here :P

Nah sounds really fun :D I had a load of fun at keg brawl around launch when people would actually play; now adays it's always 1v2 or something lame.
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#4 Yski


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Posted 27 December 2012 - 11:56 AM

Win. Enough said :D
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#5 Shayne Hawke

Shayne Hawke

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Posted 28 December 2012 - 07:34 AM

I have fun with it when I find full or semi-full games with other people that utilize long-distance throws. With other people, not so much. Games can quickly become one-sided when you're the only person in the game who can put a keg into the keeper in under five seconds.
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