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Low Budget Warrior

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#1 Askari Stormseeker

Askari Stormseeker

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Posted 27 December 2012 - 09:12 PM


this is the first time writing English for me, since nearly three years. I hope, you'll be able to understand me.

I am playing a warrior on Elonareach (German Server) and looking for the right build and equipment. I am just a casual gamer (about five hours gaming a week) and so I don't have much gold to buy expensive equipment for my warrior.

Actually I am playing my warrior with Level 78 exotic berserker equipment and a normal greatsword / gun healing shouts build. But I am looking, as already said, for something new.

I am looking for a non-greatsword build. I got bored of this weapon and like to try something new. The build should work with dynamic events and dungeons. I don't play much wvw or pvp. In fact I spend my hole playtime in walking through tyria, doing events and doing dungeons. But I have to say, that I don't like banners very much. I am a fan of the healing shouts and if possible, I will go on with a shout healer build. Also I would like to have a melee weapon set and a ranged one. Melee weapons should do aoe damage.

What do i have at free diposal to buy myself a new equipment?

- 350.000 Karma
- 30 gold
- enough tokens for a ascalon armor

Do you have any suggestions, tips or builds for me?


I hope, my English wasn't too bad.

Cheers from Germany,
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#2 Ksielvin


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Posted 01 January 2013 - 05:32 PM

Either get mostly Pow/vit/tough gear or Cleric Healing/pow/tough and try shout heal builds with all sorts of different weapons. The stat choice depends on how offensive you want to be. Note that healing gear normally takes a bit of a long fight to be worth it unless you're healing a group of people.

- Stick to whatever lvl 80 exotic weapons you have whenever possible. The weapon strength stat on them is very important. If your weapons aren't lvl 80 exotic then buy Pow/vit/tough, Berserker, Valkyrie or Knight to be used with every build ever. Note AC token weapons are available.
- You can get exotic Pow/vit/tough shoulders, coat, gloves, legs and gloves for 42k karma each from Orr temples. Helm you need to get with your AC tokens or badges of honor. Rare helms are available with gold or karma. Orr also offers Heal/vit/preci and Condi/preci/tough armor but I don't view these as very good for warriors. If you want Cleric you'll probably have to buy from trading post.
- Exotic trinkets you pretty much have to buy with gold. Rare trinkets would also be ok if you want to cheaply experiment with stats or just save gold. You can get rare Pow/vit/tough trinkets with something like 30k karma each from WvW vendor in your home borderlands citadel. (Buy jewels separately from TP, choosing from Ruby, Emerald, Beryl or Sapphire.) You can buy really cheap rare spineguard for back slot from trading post. Also consider mixing in the Healing/pow/tough stat via trinkets.

I recommended only power based damage because it works with all our weapons, even sword to an extent. Using conditions without high condi power can still be useful though. You can also use your berserker trinkets with Pow/vit/tough armor for offensive builds that are a bit sturdier than your old full berserker.

Some shout heal builds to try:
- Hammer for aoe cc on dungeon trash mobs and other large pulls. Make sure to boost your addrenaline gain so you can use the burst skill a lot. Combine with defensive or ranged weapon.
- Longbow for combos and might stacking. Take Stronger Bowstrings not for the range but because it makes your attacks 100% projectile finishers. Use burst fire field + skill 3 for damage and might, landing on both enemies and allies if possible. Shoot through field for heavy burning, by standing in middle of it for example. Spec your shouts to give addrenaline or otherwise enable yourself to spam 3 bar bursts. Combine with any weapon.
- Axe/axe or axe/mace dps while buffing up your team. Also uses addrenaline more than your old gs/rifle but tends to gain it fairly fast anyway.
- Consider turning your old gs/rifle around and making rifle your primary weapon. Greatsword can still offer mobility in second set or you could have sword/warhorn, sword/shield or something.

You could also try builds with shouts and Soldier runes but no heal trait if you want to free up trait points for more variety and experimentation.

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