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GotS - if you want a friendly (small) lot

gunnar’s hold pvx

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Posted 02 January 2013 - 11:33 PM

Ok, so here’s the deal: we are a small EU guild, always was and probably always will be. I mean c’mon, we started to shudder where there were more than 15 people online. Some of us have known each other for years (having met through Guild Wars), some of us just joined with GW2, some of us grew up in the meantime and stopped playing, some of us didn’t and still playing. By now we are all very important people (having a job, kids, college, mother-in-laws, etc.) but we still like to wind down killing stuff (including enemies controlled by human brain), delivering rabbit food or kick undeads’ arse.

Now the growing up part had the effect that some of the guild deems working late or car washing more important than saving the world and prefers to build real snowmen instead of 2D ones so we got to a point when the 5-6 of us remaining decided we would like some more new members in our mids.

What do we expect: well we have these guidelines here: http://gots.eu/viewtopic.php?id=28 (also guild description and blah blah) but basically mature players (as in don’t draw d*cks on the map) who understand priorities (if the two year old shouts from the loo that he needs his bottom wiped then he needs his bottom wiped pronto) and like laid back playing with some goofing around (no one will shout if you aggro 2 champions on us in a dungeon).

What can you expect: A small group of players from all around Europe, talking English, between 19 and 50ish years old and online at least a couple of times a week, some of them every day. We do PvE and WvW, most of the members enjoy both. We like tinkering with our builds, traits, trying out new things. Some of us like jumping puzzles, others are saving up for a legendary, I guess just like in other guilds really. We do stuff together, try to help each other and the guild chat is generally fairly lively. At least when I’m on:)

So if you are interested more details here: http://gots.eu (we would like to get to know you a bit) or please feel free to contact me or any member any time!

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