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How Guild Wars 2 can be More attractive

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Posted 04 January 2013 - 09:30 AM

Guild Wars is a franchise that has been active in my personal MMORPG gaming world for over 8 years now and like many others I know that Guild Wars 2 can easily be the best MMO we have ever played.

That being said, there are many things that I think could be fixed and implemented to make the game more attractive for the non-hardcore/dedicated fan of ArenaNet/NCsoft's work, and for those of us who have been around for a long time. In this rather lengthy post, I will discuss what I think Guild Wars 2 can do in the near future to help growth and keep the game living.

Suggestions List:
  • Leveling
  • Personal Story/Quests/Hearts
  • Hard Mode
  • Crafting
  • Dungeons
  • High Level Content
  • sPvP
  • WvWvW
  • Character Variety/Usefulness.

In Short: Feel awesome at Any level.

In guild wars 2, currently it feels as if you don't have true potential to be great until you are level 80. More often then not you will find yourself in situations where looking for a dungeon at level 40 opposed to level 80 you lack in the power, experience, and overall character development and no smart team will take you. Not only this, but you level at such a rapid pace in Guild Wars 2 when you get new gear for your level 40 and not 2 hours of game-play later you have out leveled that gear and that money you spent on it was wasted.

Suggestions: More Lower level Accessible Dungeons
More diverse Quests/Hearts
More difficult Leveling

Yes, leveling should take a bit longer. I know some people want to grind to the highest level as fast as they can but in order to have a game where I feel great with my new level 40 gear without having the "well ill just out-level it in 20 minutes so no" philosophy I need to sit on that level for just a bit longer. As for dungeons and quests I will talk about that in topics below.

-Personal Story/Quests/Hearts

In Short: More Attractive.

When I am level 2, I understand that one of the most important things I can really do for the Local Farmers is feed the Cattle they raise. Or I can help kill off the vermin in the area. But as I continue on my journey to level 80, I tend to feel as if I am being thrown in a washing machine; rinsed then repeated. I want to have more hearts where I feel I have a purpose in what I am doing. My gaming philosophy is, if it doesn't make your character look and feel awesome why is it in the game? So feeling unique and important is now supposed to be represented with the Personal Story. I think the personal story is a wonderful addition to the game. The only problem is that the Personal "Unique" story is really 3 lines that fuse into 1. Within the 3 lines the ultimate goal is the same, and you just do the same quests in a different way. So really the "unique" aspect of each character is really lacking in the Personal Story due to lack of choice. Also, Why is Trahearne's story the only story? Why is he the real hero and Not my character?

Suggestions: More Diverse and Interesting Hearts
More choice with Personal Story development
"Town Missions" (similar to GW1)

I think the best solution to the heart problem, and making the PvE explorable world more attractive is adding in something similar to what Guild Wars 1 had. Town Missions. I am not saying that we need to have the exact 8 person team instance; I am suggesting that in each Zone there is one Story that you can team up to do.

Level 1-10 Zone: Farmer Bob has lost his cattle to a pack of Ettin to the north, break through their defenses and escort them back before they eat the cattle!
Level 70-80 Zone: A Dragon has been spotted above the Ruins to the east. We need you to take control of the Centaur's Seige weapons and take the dragon out of the sky long enough for a counter attack before it destroys Divinity's Reach.

Make the quest a 5 person repeatable story goal, these quests can be similar to a mini dungeon and get people working together early on rather then just a touch and go with hearts.

-Hard Mode

In Short: Bring it back!

Hard mode in Guild Wars 1 was the greatest thing that was added to the game. Not only did it create new opportunities for teams to meet up and overcome a more difficult familiar adventure, but it gave greater reward to those who could actually do it! Right now dungeons are sitting at this awkward stage of being too difficult for the players who don't fully understand them, and too easy for the people who understand everything about them. If hard mode was implemented, there would be no excuse or complaining about it being "too hard" because it is Hard mode! Of Course its too hard!!!!! This addition to the game would be sure to make some of the more aggressive players happier and more casual players excited to explore the easy side of dungeons.


In Short: Make it Harder.

The best thing that Guild Wars 2 could do to boost its economy would be to make you only able to have 2 crafting professions. Right now Crafting does nothing at all for you but gain you some extra levels and make it accessible to craft legendary weapons. No one makes a significant amount from any crafting because EVERYONE can be level 400 in anything very easily too. While I am on the topic of Crafting, why is it not possible to craft a Precurser weapon? The most un-attractive thing of getting a legendary weapon is the precurser weapon and if it were a craftable life would be easier.

Precurser Recipe: 10g
250 ectos, Gift of Metal, 250 hilt, 250 blade

Problem. Solved.


In Short: More Dungeons, and Dungeon Finder.

As it stands, the amount of dungeons in this game are very minimal in what people want to do. I think that implementing a Hard Mode would very much help this and also making a better reward would make the dungeon more desirable. The biggest thing that can help dungeons is a Dungeon Finder. Most teams get put together very poorly because no one wants to sit and ping in the chat for 20 minutes "LF1m!!!"

Suggestions: Add Dungeon Finder
Add Hard Mode Dungeons for Better Rewards

My biggest want here is a Dungeon Finder. Why not make a finder with the exact same system used for finding a Tournament team in sPvP? All you do is goto dungeon finder and Que Up for whatever dungeon then when the team is ready you can join in on the dungeon from where you are if you have completed the story mode for it. That would make people actually do the story mode before doing explorable and it would make dungeons much more desirable.

-High Level Content

In Short: Put my full exotic level 80 to use!

Right now for a PvE player the only thing to do beyond 100% the low level Explorable area is to play Dungeons and Karma farm. The only problem is with Diminished Returns, you can only do so many dungeons in a 2 hour period before your rewards are chopped, and same goes for Karma! What ever happened to being rewarded for playing more?? What I am missing in Guild Wars 2 right now is more level 80 zones. I am confident more zones will be popping up as time goes on, but this is something that I feel alot of players are leaving for. Some people want to do amazing quests and missions that you can ONLY do if your the max level. Alot of people want to feel "the game doesnt start til your 80" mentality and are missing it so they move on. I can't wait to see what ArenaNet has in store for high level content but coming from a guy with 5 full exotic level 80's, I am ready for it!


In Short: Let me be me.

I worked for about 500 hours to get this character 100%, with full T3 armor and my Legendary weapon... only to walk into PvP and show off a look of armor that I had at level 1. I want to play my character in PvP not be completely generic'd out. If this means adding an option to where you can just keep the look of your PvE gear but mess with the stats like it is PvP gear then why not!? I understand the ability to let players play PvP to its full potential right when they begin, but let us at least look the way we want? Guild Wars 1 did it. I may have been playing against a noob that had the game for 1 day but I had my Obsidian armor and it felt great to jump him and laugh over his body with my l33tness :)

Suggestion:What ever happened to Alliance battles and Kurzick/Luxon?

I understand that WvWvW is kind of the new alliance battle but not everyone wants to run around and then get mobbed by a zerg every 10 minutes just to spawn way back at the beginning of the map (more on that below). What Guild Wars 2 is missing is a simple Alliance battle ground "War Game" structure where 16 on 16 fight with 2 bases and a certain amount of capture points to take over. This would be a miniature version of WvW and would serve those who want to still be their PvE character in a big PvP match while not being in the WvWvW situation


In Short: It gets a little old

I love World vs. World, but what it is lacking right now is Diversity. All of the maps are the same exact place with the same exact circumstances. Also, running a NVIDIA 560ti graphics card I still at times drop down below 15 fps in WvWvW when Zerg numbers get too high so I don't always want to play around when all of the sudden 15 enemys spawn right in my face and I drop only to have to spawn far in the back of the map. Also, currently I have no incentive to play World vs. World other then for map completion. Where is a reward for winning? What do I get (not my server) but what do I get for doing well in WvW?

Suggestions: A more personal reward for playing
A Smaller version of WvW (alliance battle or a small War Game)
More WvW environments!

Im sure in time WvWvW will expand into a larger diverse world, and much more is in store for WvWvW but until then I will stick to PvE. I like the large battles only so much before it makes me cringe just to know a zerg will pop up soon and I am screwed.

-Character Variety/Usefulness.

In Short: I want to feel useful. On Any character. And More variety of Skills

I can say, after rolling a Theif, Ranger, Ele, and Warrior not ONE of them do I ever feel like I benefit the team like I do with a Guardian. Right now in the world of Guild Wars 2 I feel most classes are so "balanced" and can heal and survive that they hardly do much for the team the way most people play them. What I want to know is why not make each class a necessity, so that everyone has a huge role on a team in their own way.

Warrior: A banner that creates a temporary spawn point for your 5 person team
Necro: Creates a undead version a teammate that just died(controlled by that teammate)
Ele: Creates fire/ice/earth/air boon that turns all teammates attacks into that damage type.

Things like this would help the team and make characters feel like they help in many ways, more then they do now.

Also, call me old fashioned referring to Guild Wars 1 all the time but what happened to such Diverse skill choice? I am not saying add a ton, but being able to select from 10 axe skills on my warrior or 10 sword skills on my guardian and letting me customize what I do with them would make the world of individuality in Guild Wars 2 SO much more apparent. Nothing is worse then knowing that when I see a warrior with a greatsword I know exactly what it is he is going to do. Endure pain Frenzy Hundred blades. But what if he had a choice to not role with Hundred blades.. what would he do? Also with skills why do most the elites in Guild Wars to not feel elite? I like the concept of guild wars 1 where your build was many times based around what you chose for your elite. Maybe this means giving in to making more elites for each character, or maybe it means making the ones that are elite better.

As you can see I have a diverse range of thought that I have put into what could be done to make the game better. There is alot more to be said, but these are some primary focus points that I wanted to address. I feel right now that the game is somewhat pushing away people because of the lack of higher level content and character freedom as far as skills go; also Diminishing Returns forces the more Hardcore players to feel like they are being punished for wanting to play the game more.

I cannot wait to see what this game has in store for the future, and I believe it has set the bar for MMO's in what to be expected. Not to mention it is a beautiful game :)

Please let me know what you think about my ideas!

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Hello everyone! I created a blog talking about how guild wars can become more attractive for all players!!

Its a bit lengthy so I created a blog :)

check it out, leave a comment and let me know what you think!


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#2 Silent The Legend

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Posted 04 January 2013 - 01:44 PM

This is probably what everyone has been suggesting for the last three months. Not that Anet listens ofcourse.

However you should post it on the official forum since it has way more use there.
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Posted 05 January 2013 - 04:58 AM

This is probably what everyone has been suggesting for the last three months. Not that Anet listens ofcourse.

However you should post it on the official forum since it has way more use there.

:) i already did! And yes I agree some of these are requested by alot of people, but I feel it needed to be layed out more clearly
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Posted 05 January 2013 - 07:47 PM

Do the ArenaNet community managers reply on topics in the GW2Guru forums?

But, I think the game is great, WvW needs some changes. The main idea is nice, but I would like to have real resources and stuff to build and have more options in the contruction of forts. WvW is nothing more then running around and nobody builds holding defences. Then again, doing so is very expansive and after a night of sleep ur so well upgraded castle may be taken by the enemy. My guild and I (small guild of 5-10 friends) did rebuild castles, add lots of siege weapons, but there was no reward. Doing it three times for fun is nice, but after it gets boring and just a waste of money.

Another problem is the party size. 5 people in one party is just not enough. I would like to have a maximum of like 12 and the possibility to make squads with squadleaders and stuff. More the military way! That would be great for guilds to realy do something together.
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Posted 10 January 2013 - 05:06 AM

Sweet list. Well put on many points.

If I can add... the game feel too scripted and predictable after while. The events and the many "wonders of exploration" soon just become another location to farm.

Suggestion... Add more Random stuff in there. Random events... CrossPathing Events... Random boss appearance... Weather/Environmental effects... Random fights/ PvP bounties battles ... Random/Timely monster spawn changes .... stuff like that.
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#6 I'm Squirrel

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Posted 10 January 2013 - 05:23 AM

Distinct WvWvW map for every server, GvG similar to WvW, the ability for players to be defeated by world bosses, no level requirements for dungeons(including FOTM), more dungeons, next expansion having open world PvEPvP(similar to Luxons vs Kurzicks, except PvEPvP), professions able to use all weapons and armor, race-specifics, extremely difficult heart events.

I think PvEPvP in next GW2 expansion would bring in a huge population for GW2. PvE severely lacks intensity and the risk of oneself's death.
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#7 Baldur The Bold

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Posted 10 January 2013 - 05:32 AM

The game has become farm wars. There is nothing really to do except farm for karma/gold/mats etc. I actually fell bad for people who have legendary weapons already since there isnt much to aim for as far as long term goals. I agree with everything in the OP post. Well thought out.
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Posted 11 January 2013 - 06:55 AM

We were all thinking it. You put it down, nice post.
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Posted 12 January 2013 - 11:14 PM

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