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Dungeon build for mesmer

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#1 Arquenya


    Seraph Guardian

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Posted 10 January 2013 - 03:55 PM

Hi everyone,

After playing warrior and guardian a lot I finally managed to get a caster to lvl80 (which wasn't particulary easy) and it's a mesmer!

I've been levelling (also by doing lots of Ac runs) using staff and greatsword (30 pts in duelling and using Time Warp elite) and I wonder what's the viable options for a mesmer for dungeon runs (as it's about the only thing I do, I'm not interested in PvP). That's including traits, skills and gear/runes/sigils.
I noticed there's quite a lot of specific builds on the "heavy gear" section (shout warrior, lyssa guardian, aggro tank guardian) but none such thing on the mesmer forum.

As most people seem to focus on "glass cannon" mesmers I wonder if I should get full berserkers with +crit runes or that there's other kinds of viable builds I could use.
Also, what weapons are concerned I noticed that people seem to use either GS, staff or 1 sword (with pistol or torch) and never scepters. While I actually dislike GS and 1h swords on a caster and rather go scepter/staff.

So can anyone please point me to some options?
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#2 My Sweet Lily

My Sweet Lily

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Posted 10 January 2013 - 04:10 PM

Do you want a phantasm build or Shatter build? I personally dislike Phantasm builds, because you need to keep eye on the illusions and not shatter them/shatter at the right time. I like Shatter builds, because it's simply spamming F1/2 with 3 clones. Also no need to worry about if the illusion is alive or not (if you'r third clone dies, just dodge and F1/2).
I run a 20/20/0/0/30 S/S-GS Shatter build. Full Berserker's armor with Ruby Orbs and Berserker's trinkets/weapons. The damage is quite huge, 5k from iSwordsman and 4x 2k from F1 (with 3 clones+me). All that in 1 burst.
If you really want to use Scepter/Staff, I recommend that you use a Phantasm build. I think all Phantasm builds use Staff-X. Staffs Phantasm is really strong in groups/dungeons, as you have 5 people doing conditions=more dmg made by iWarlock.
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#3 Tarug


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Posted 10 January 2013 - 04:16 PM

Hi, Arquenya.

The problem with scepter is that it's a good option to apply confusion, but confusion simply isn't a good choice for damage in PvE. I'll be much better off with staff, GS and sword (+focus/pistol/sword. BTW, don't ignore the focus; it's my favorite offhand). I would also avoid torch. Right now it's our least useful offhand and the phantasm is very underwhelming for the same problem with confusion in PvE.

I also personally prefer power/precision + shatter builds, either 20/20/0/0/30 or 10/30/0/0/30, with berserker armor and ruby orbs. It offers the best damage output right now, they are fun to play and, in high level dungeons and fractals, you'll have a hard time keeping your phantasms alive for a very long time anyway. If you do lots of high level fractals, 10/20/0/20/20 is also a good option to spec reflection on the focus skills. OTOH, I'm sure there are other viable builds people will be able to suggest you - it's just my personal preference.

I hope you enjoy your mesmer!
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#4 Strife025


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Posted 10 January 2013 - 05:45 PM

There's basically 2 primary builds I see for organized groups, as people have mentioned, shatter or phantasm. Other builds don't really come close for dps.

Both builds use berserker armor, I use ruby's for my slots.

Shatter build is the typical 20-20-0-0-30, Phantasm build is 20-20-0-25-5 or 20-20-0-20-10 depending if you want phantasms to do 15% more damage, or you want 3% more damage per illusion you have up.

Shatter build has more burst/aoe damage, Phantasm build has the potential to do more single target dps and has more utility because of focus cooldown + reflect and either vigor for your party or condition removal on heal.

Both builds still give ~2-2.5k shatters, but the shatter build gives you a 4th shatter and the 25% cooldown to use it more. When you have warriors in your group auto attacking for 3k each I find that I've been preferring the utility that comes from the phantasm build more, since you'll be shattering with that build as well after your phantasms use their damage moves.

For both builds I use sword/focus + GS, some people like sword/pistol as well, but for organized groups I prefer focus for the pull.

The focus reflect can be really good depending on the dungeon or fractal, because you basically have 10 seconds of reflect every 20-25 seconds. Using this with feedback can be really helpful for certain encounters.

It really depends on your playstyle and the dungeon though. F2 is pretty useless for PvE though, you should be using F1/F3 and the occasional F4 when you are in danger.

F3 can be amazing because of your minor trait in the strength line gives 5 stacks of invuln for 8 secs per shatter (when dazing), meaning you can burst 15 (or 20) stacks on invuln by yourself and remove defiant stacks with F3. Confusion from F2 is useless in a PvE dungeon group compared to that.

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#5 Kumakichi


    Fahrar Cub

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Posted 11 January 2013 - 05:45 PM

Aren't Mesmer wonderful! Ive run dungeons a lot and 2 things Ive learned. Glass cannons do get downed, sometimes a lot. And each time they go down one or sometimes two people have to stop dps'ing to revive. Also Ive learned to spec to the content Im doing. When your running CoF or AC you can run any old spec, it doesnt matter really. But once your in more difficult content you really see the benefits of a better pve spec. Right now I run a 10/20/20/0/20 build that Im liking a lot. Main weapons are GS and Staff.

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#6 Nimade


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Posted 12 January 2013 - 09:53 AM

Hi all,

Thanks for the very detailed advice. So from what I gather, both Shatter and Phantasm builds use full berserkers Armor, Weapons and Trinkets? What sigils do you normally run with the weapons?
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#7 Baltaas


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Posted 14 January 2013 - 03:28 PM

Hi. My lang is not english , so could be some mistakes.

Im mesmer from GW1 times, and will be at gw3 also :)

Im running acctualy only dungeons and looked alot of builds before and made experiments with my mesmer, and now i stayed couple weeks on this build: (Glass Cannon/Suport)


I dont like shattering, because i dont see the point of shatter in dungeon, mobs have alot of HP and they not died normaly after shatter like in PvE simple farm. Yes shatter could be big dmg, ppl talking it could be burst aoe, ye ok but my build making also good single/aoe dmg.

sw/foc Sigils im using To get might when im jumping in mobs with sword, and make stronger me after every kill.
GS sigil is to be clean 60% of bleeds/invul/poison/burn but there could be alternitive like always.

Armor rune: Full mesmer rune, some of u can take out the 33% daze
Trinks all berserker, but if u want bit more health belly trinkets are nice also.

SIGILS and Runes is ur choice, how u feel better,

If u call it phantasm build please doit, i would not call it phantasm, but phantasms do alot dmg.

Trait can be changed to 4 or 3, but im found out in groups always has some who making good vuln so im using more 3, but also could be other traits on situation.

2/4 traits always stayins in, but in last trait im change on situation. 10 or 1 is my main, but there could be some other choice also. 10 im using normaly to be safe whole time with one clone, and 1 im using only if i need to or have no other choice, or need to swich off clone factory, like maw, or spots where clones cant be.

Tought: tought is good if u just started to play with mesmer mainly using staff on it, u wana go real suport, i used before till i get borred, and staff dmg in dungeon bit too low and slow.

Vit: Why i choosed vit ? because of focus, i wanted to see which trait is giving bonus to focus, and i found thing where i feel confort in alot of situations. This is why im using 2 and 8, 2 i can change, to heal remove cond in huge cond places, or glamore recharge faster , but its in situations where u need it, not in all spots. 8 im using for its mirracle, 20% faster recharge on focus, wall blocking projectiles, wall is giving light field, wall + projectile is self cond removal, wall is cripling, wall is giving swift, wall is aoe cond removal, wall is interupt, wall is pull to stack mobs, phantasm is crazy dmg + fury + 30% more dmg on ilusions, phantasm block projectiles, phantasm + wall aoe cond remove. this alow me to remove sometimes feedback from utility and feel confort to block projects in case when i need it.

Illusions: +5 must be there 85% if u play mesmer.

Im realy fan of some mesmer video guids like Matthew Pine, strife025 dungeon runs etc, where using 99% glass cannon type runs, my build is made of it and give out bit vital for survive and focus mirracle + team suport.

uttility changing whole time on situation.
Null field, its on situation, its goof for field, good for debuff in random spots and good for cond remove.
Blink, like im always at back , trying to be fast on res, so im using blink to get out of trouble, like leap kd , like +1 evade , like break stun, like lazy run to rez ppl, just jump right at him and rez it.
But i use alot of other utility in alot of spots where is need to.

What about Elite, Time warp is good, good for resing, good for quicknes aoe buff, field and nothing more.
in these days im geting fun in mass invinci, its good for res, good for skiping certaine spots and good to set off panic in team ( only with mic communication its work)
Good for res, because if ally is down, u can go res quick with Time warp, u can go res normaly, but sometime mobs they not leave him and still kicking his butt. with mass, u make stealth self and downed player, mobs constant leave agro if downed ally not doing dmg.

so in short words:
GS main dmg - Single/AoE dmg
Sword/Focus - AoECrit/support

Traits: Focus mirracle
Armor/Sigils/Trinkle - Use what u want to use, i dont know how u play.

If u with this build in random groups, where every body using u dont know what, or alot of them using toughtness to survive, im ok in any situation with my build, because im doing big dmg if dmg is not enaugh, or im good suport who controls the team from back side.
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#8 Strife025


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Posted 14 January 2013 - 06:06 PM

Hi all,

Thanks for the very detailed advice. So from what I gather, both Shatter and Phantasm builds use full berserkers Armor, Weapons and Trinkets? What sigils do you normally run with the weapons?

I'm running Accuracy/Bloodlust on Sword/Focus, and Energy on Greatsword. You can switch out Bloodlust for Force or a specialty direct damage sigil (like Night) if you plan on switching all the time or only running certain dungeons.

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