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Balancing my guardian

armor runes traits guardian greatsword jewellery stats toughness power

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#1 Shiba


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Posted 13 January 2013 - 02:50 PM


After playing a few classes, I fell in love with guardian..! You can play it so many ways and now i have choosen one, but I don't really exactly know what stats i should get. I mainly want to play PvE and dungeons(mostly fractals). Therefore I am going to use Strife's build(which is awesome), with few minor adjustments. And now I'm doubting about what armour, jewellery and so on would be most suitable? Berserkers for more damage or more toughness for survival? Also I already have 252k karma, but can't decide which karma armor to choose or will a custom setting(crafted armor with bought runes) be better?

I'm looking forward to all opinions from my fellow guardians!

Safe travels and grettings,

Fidels se mortum
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#2 Gamidragon


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Posted 14 January 2013 - 07:55 PM

I'm not familiar with Strife's build, could you possibly post a link to it? Or a link to your changes? It all comes down to playstyle, in the end. IMO glass cannon is wooooooorthless, can't fight if you're dead. Maybe try to find a good balance of toughness/vitality vs precision/power? From what I read around here 16k-18k HP and/or 3k armor is a good goal to hit for survivability, then get as much power/precision as possible.
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Posted 14 January 2013 - 08:13 PM

Hours played with Gaurdian 850H

this is a VERY popular PvE build i use this myself, in fractals 20+ and other dungeons


basically this is a AH (Altruistic Healing Build) (i like to call it Automated Healing), the whole point is to pull off lots of boons on allies and yourself, this in turn heals you for an incredible amount and allows u to focus less on keeping yourself alive. Every time you hit something u end up healing your self.

The trait empowering might works really well with decent crit % u can heal your self at every other hit, AND apply might to your self and other around you.

the inspired virtue trait is great as well because your virtues now APPLY boons to other around thus, healing yourself more. Add that with your elite skill and you've basically rewed all your virtues again so if u get in a tight situation u can cast them again.

Renewed Justice trait is amazing because every time you kill a foe, Virtue of Justice is renewed combined with the inspired virtue trait i mentioned earlier you have now added another "heal skill" to your arsenal ( i suggest u use a hotkey for Virtue of justice because it renews itself quite often)

as for armor i use Knights

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#4 Shiba


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Posted 14 January 2013 - 08:14 PM

thanks :) strife's build can be found here http://www.guildwars...guardian-build/
Now I have a guideline for where to put my survivalibity on and can work from then on, thanks mate :) within a few weeks I will come with a new spreadsheet for armour and stats calculation, one which will me more easy to use but then i (not only i, because i'm going to post it) will be able to make a few settings and compare

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#5 Thaddeuz


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Posted 14 January 2013 - 08:55 PM

I also use the AH build but is only put 20pts in Honor so i can put 5pts in Virtue and 5 more pts in radiance so i can spam Virtue of Courage and get might. (Work well in some fractal more than other, dredge especially is a good one)

For the stats this i was i'm using and why.

I wanted to get between 16 and 18k hp. Get a high amount of precision so i could get a good return of Omnomberry pie or Ghost (steal life on crit). I wanted a good amount of toughness so i could have a high return from maintenance oil. I searched ways to get the price of my gear low if possible.

My gear is :

- Back item and Rings Ascended. You have less choice so i always stat with these. I don't want Explorer, Rabid or Celestial Stats. Berserk and Cavalier are great but i didn't want to put too much point in critical dmg so i opted for Soldier (Power, Vitality, Touhness).
- AC is a good dungeons (fast, easy money, level up my alt), so i take my soldier gear there. To get to my 17k goal i use soldier gear for everything except head and legs.
- Since a reach my vitality goal, the only stats that i need more is toughness, power and precision. This give me the Knight gear for my head and legs armor.
- You also find Knight stats on Emerald accessory so i crafted Emerald Necklace and Earings.

On my greatsword i use Sigil of Accuracy.

My final stats with maintenance oil.
- Toughness = 2009
- HP = 16 990
- Power = 1858
- Precision = 50%
- Critical dmg = 30%
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#6 indure


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Posted 15 January 2013 - 05:49 PM

I used to be Knight's armor and a mix of beryl/emerald trinkets, but I've recently switch to Soldier's armor and Ruby trinkets. With my new build I lose a little bit of survivability, but gain a lot more damage. I also made the switch because the new ascended gear I've seen doesn't have very good mixed stats for a Knight's armor build.
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#7 BlasBlas


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Posted 15 January 2013 - 06:51 PM

Crowd control is also very helpful in high level fractals.

Using abilities like:

Line of Warding
Ring of Warding
Chains of Light
Hammer of Wisdom (command)
Shield of the Avenger
Bane Signet
Sanctuary (for emergencies due to long cooldown)

It gets hard to take damage so keeping enemies off you becomes more important.
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