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PvP: ODIUM - NA Adult PvP Guild

pvp isle of janthir

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Posted 15 January 2013 - 09:52 PM


ODIUM is an Adult PvP focused Guild that prides ourselves in our game play. We strive to maintain our high quality of play while earning the respect of friends and foes alike. We have a lot of laughs kicking *** and taking names every night.

It is EXPECTED that every member contribute to ODIUM in every way possible. We prioritize honor, respect, and reputation and expect you to wear your Guild tag proudly and remember that your actions reflect upon ODIUM and its members.

Guild History

ODIUM is a mature, democratic guild of skilled PvPers. Most of our members have been playing together for over 3 years and some much longer in various MMO's. ODIUM started in Warhammer where the core came together under the "Bad Guys" tag and had great success. Adopting the name ODIUM with our exodus from WAR we moved on to start chapters in AION, RIFT, SWTOR and GW2 since launch. Disappointed with the PvP offered in MMOs since leaving WAR we are still trying to find our permanent home and we believe GW2 is it!!


We are a casual, mature guild that prefers organized PVP over PVE but values having fun over all other things. We're serious about Open World PvP and are focused on building the guild up in rank and establishing a strong reputation on the battlefield. While the ultimate goal is to dominate in Open World PvP, members are free to PvE, craft, explore, etc... as they see fit. We stay respectful to each other and the opposing side.

Lead By Example

This is a very simple, very important principle of being a member of ODIUM. We expect everyone to act in a mature manner both in and out of game (forums). This applies to everyone, not just other guild members. Strive to be helpful and courteous when feasible, and avoid taking part in rude behavior in public channels. Main thing is, keeping a perspective that its just a game.

We let our actions speak for us. This means don't gripe at each other when we lose, and don't gloat when we win. Both are likely to happen frequently.

How Do I Join?

We rarely “actively” recruit in any game. So you will not see any region spam from ODIUM. We are a very close knit crew and attitude will win out over skill or playtime, though we certainly are looking for skilled, smart players.

We are a small tight knit guild. Our guild activity in GW2 is around 10-15 currently and we are looking to add 5-10 new members in the coming weeks. Our goal is to field 15-20 nightly in WvW and help defend our realm, Isle of Janthir.

If interested in joining ODIUM or have additional questions please check out our website at www.odiumonline.com or Struttin.7359 in game.

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