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Will ArenaNet fix Fractal Exploits?

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#1 Keeper of Precepts

Keeper of Precepts

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Posted 16 January 2013 - 02:21 AM

First, if this shouldn't be posted here, move/delete it as you feel you need. Second, I'm posting this here because I know you can't talk about exploits in game or on GW2 forums or you get in trouble (at least, I was told you can be by a friend, he told Anet about a particular exploit/bug and told him to shut up about it, or be banned)

I'm just tired of all the Fractal runs I do, and getting certain Fractals and people are like "we should do <insert exploit>. The Colossus Fractal, stacking on the Archdivinier, using Binding Blade on Tentacles as they die to produce a ton more Crystals. Using the Tree on the Mossman, Engineer Medic Kit in Asuran Fractal. Just to name a few. Everytime I pug, I get a group, or at least someone, that wants to do at least one of these, and while everyone always says "oh you won't get banned, they wouldn't ban for using glitches", I always think of the Snowflake salvages and think of how, in essence, people abused that "glitch/bug" (in a way, it was a bug, at least in their coding) and were banned for it. I always end up leaving the party, frustrated because, even if it's VERY slim that I'll be banned, I really don't want to risk doing anything that can get my account banned after I've worked so hard on it.

Yes, this is mostly a rant if you will, but I'm irritated at how easy people want to make the game. Is there anything that will be done?
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#2 FoxBat


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Posted 16 January 2013 - 02:26 AM

Although it's understandable anyone would find Anet's ban policy inconsistent and poorly articulated, I'm fairly confident they won't go after people for these kind of exploits that don't make them instantly hundreds of times richer. Generally the bans have been their form of economic damage control.

Whether you enjoy pugs constantly cheesing these encounters is another question.

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#3 Dawn Quickblade

Dawn Quickblade


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Posted 16 January 2013 - 03:36 AM

Of course ANet will be trying to fix exploits. But as I see this as leading to discussion, which has no place in Q&A, and the fact that Q&A is not for ranting, this thread will be locked.

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