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Guardian Bubbles not stopping projectile based Siege

guardian bubbles siege

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#1 NapTooN


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Posted 16 January 2013 - 08:47 AM

The mechanical reason why an Ele can stop Katas and Trebs and a Guardian can not are clear to me. The Ele destroys the projectiles with swirling winds and the Guardian Bubbles (Shield #5, Shield of the Avenger, Sanctuary) only block projectiles, and since these projectiles are unblockable, they go through our bubbles.

Why i am in the Q&A Section of this forum:

Does anyone of you know about an official statement that A Net is looking into changing it?

They wont remove the unblockable part from Siege Projectiles, because then Mesmers could store them with Mimic or several professions can just reflect them back to the source. Noone wants Mesmers with stored Trebuchet Projectiles.

So the alternative would be to turn the Guardian Bubbles from "blocking projectiles" to "destroying projectiles" like the swirling winds from the Ele.

Of course, 2 Guardians could then shut down long range Siege 24/7, but 4 cooridinated Eles with the 20% Air Magic Trait can do it right now.

I love to play my bubble Guardian in WvW, but in 75% of the cases the bubbles do nothing in a siege, because most of the time the enemies throw non projectile AoE at your Tower/Keep. I don't need the bubbles to stop non projectile skills, it would just be nice to be able to protect your Siege Equipment as the "Master of Protection" from Enemy Siege equipment. :)

#2 Elr3d


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Posted 16 January 2013 - 10:10 AM

It takes less than 4 Ele to shut down trebuchet shots, if you time your Swirling winds just before the hits.

However, we have a statement somewhere in the forum (too lazy to find it again right now) about siege projectile blocking being an intended WvWvW mechanic, so if Guardians skills don't work on this, you may want to point it out on the official forums, so Anet can look into this if they're not working on it already.

Note that destroying siege shots is still very marginal from what I can tell, at least in mid-low tiers. I always have huge trouble gathering Elementalists to protect Stonemist walls from trebuchets. Even commanders don't seem to care.

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#3 NapTooN


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Posted 16 January 2013 - 01:34 PM

Technically it is not a Bug, since the Bubbles state that they "block" and Siege Projectiles are "unblockable". Swirling Winds "destroy" thats why Eles are able to do what they do.

Once i am able to figure out my GW2 password again (it's so complex i can't remember how i wrote it :D), i will leave a little Feedback in the Official Forum. The strange thing is, i did not found a single post on there about Guardians not being able to intercept Siege Projectiles. Maybe i'm the only Guardian who loves his Bubbles to no end ;) .

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