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Dragonbrand [NA] Guild - "So you think you can duel?" recruiting.

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Posted 16 January 2013 - 12:37 PM


As of late, myself and my friend have been jumping from guild to guild, never really finding the right balance between PVE/PVP/WvW guilds.
So we decided to make one that does it all instead.

The guild's philosophy is rather simple - We want our members to join a guild that actively participates in both PVE and PVP/WvW, and hopefully settle into a balanced state whereby guild member's won't have to go outside the guild to look for parties to play with and enjoy the game together.

As we just started off, we currently have ~10 members and looking to expand quite a lot.

What we are looking to do is:
  • Actively hold PVP duelling matches before this function is implemented into the game. The idea is to fill a PVP area with people from the guild (prevents outsiders from joining), set up different matches all over the area - 1v1 and let people beat the bejesus out of one another. And to encourage this, we will, in the near future, have prizes for the winners of these Duel tournaments.
  • In addition to the Duel concept, we will also run sPVP, because what could be more fun that taking out random strangers and/or cursing over TS about how you got owned, then getting back at them while laughing like a crazed maniac.. (Did I go too far?)
  • We are also hoping to get our members into WvW, especially those who never been very confident playing there. We will provide instructions, tips, tricks and general guidance in how to get the most out of the WvW experience. Win or Lose (Win is better obviously.) we will have some fun.
  • For the PVE part, this mostly refers to dungeon and fractal runs more than anything else. Let's face it, there's no shortage of people running dyna-events on the map. What we want to do instead is run dungeons (all of them) with our guild members, help them get those shiny tokens and perhaps have some good lol's along the way. As with WvW we will patiently explain everything needed to get us through smoothly, and will always take into account people's individual needs during the dungeon runs well in advance, so there's no petty arguing over who want's to do what during the run.
As the guild has just been created, we hope to expand upon this concept quite a bit, adding stuff as we go along. In the near future we will look into getting a forum space as well as our own Vent or TS.

We are looking to recruit individuals both new to the game and veterans. So long as they're willing to meet us halfway and extend their fellow guild-mates basic courtesy, they are always welcome. (Unpredictable factor: Fights happen even between the best of guildies, we will deal with it like mature adults, not like 10 year old pugs who love arguing over the internet).

If you are interested in joining us, please write an in-game mail to either:
RageQuit.5687 or MrSpanktastic.2059 and we will be happy to extend an invite.
Alternatively, drop me a PM on this forum with your GW2 ID.

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