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No Bandaids [snip] -- sponsored Fractal of the Mists guild


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Posted 16 January 2013 - 04:18 PM

I'm Jake and I go by Peel in game.

I have been given the opportunity to pioneer a dedicated Fractal of the Mists guild. Every guild says "we do WvW, PvE, Dungeons!" but we wanted to do something more specialized. This guild will be primarily for organized pugs in Fractals. By that, I mean something better than randoms from gw2lfg and less than 5 coordinated friends with team composition synergy. Of course, you cannot have the ladder without first meeting 4 other like-minded players with ambitious fractal goals. This would be the place to do it.

Our resourced are funded by a high profile streamer named Hafu. She will cover our 100 slot Ventrilo, forums, and if you want to get involved further, large monthly giveaways. The giveaways from this January can be found in this thread which were drawn 3 days ago. The grand prize included an Astro A40 headset (250$) which will be given out every month because of a sponsorship.

Our forums are optional. We're gamers at the core -- I'm not going to force posting quotas on you. Many of us are also students and working people. I will not enforce misrepresenting or inactivity to a certain degree. However, you will see me on every day without fail. Our Ventrilo features a ton of active members playing games like League of Legends and Bloodline: Champions on a daily basis. If you want a break from Guild Wars, you'll be able to find a game very easily. Everyone is social and friendly, and it is very rewarding to play Guild Wars with the same people you play with on other games.

I'm looking for anyone who loves to do fractals. If you are low level, you can probably fulfill your needs at gw2lfg. However, feel free to join up and exploit our 24/7 MF boosts. Get to know people that you might play with at high end fractals down the road. If you are starting to reach higher levels 30+, 40+, 50+, I won't have to tell you that this takes a high amount of communication. I want people of similar level to grow with each other, something that is hard to obtain by recruiting randoms. Using a mic in fractals makes everything ridiculously easier. Give it a shot! I've made some close friends already.

My contact information is Jake.8639 in Guild Wars. PM me sometime -- I'll probably be in a fractal. Ask any questions you might have. You can hop on our Vent which will be provided upon joining the guild. Use the Vent however you like; it's as good as yours as it is mine. You can also add me on steam here.

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