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Map Completion in WvW

exploration map completion wvw

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Posted 20 June 2013 - 03:06 PM

View PostShadowshear, on 21 January 2013 - 10:47 PM, said:

I feel very strong negative emotions toward any Arenanet employee who thinks map completion in World Versus World was anything even remotely resembling a good idea.

That being said, my main has his 100% completion, but it was the biggest pain of my gaming career.

At one point in time, ArenaNet stated that Guild Wars 2 had a Litmus test of "Is it fun?" Well, I can tell you achieving map completion is WvW is NOT anything remotely like fun.

So it fails that test.

I agree I was a little annoyed when I found out that I had to explore the wvw maps to get world completion.  I do question your interpretation of the litimus test of "Is it Fun" statement?  I do not know the context of this statement but you seem to be asserting that if you find some aspect of the game that is optional and not fun it failed the "Is Fun" statement.  I would guess the Area Net employee was not trying to make that assertion.  If he was, then anyone that believe him was very naive because how can everyone in a MMO find every aspect of the game fun.  Again I do not know the context of the statement but a more reasonable interpretation could mean that the game allows you to play in a way YOU find fun.  You DO NOT have to play or do things you do not find fun. As annoyed as I was with the need for wvw maps for the title I did understand that it was totally optional.  It was not like I cannot play the game without the title it was a nice to have.  There are many tiltes in the game that I do not have simply because I do not enjoy the play style or requirement necessay to achieve the title.  The existence of those titles does not mean it failed a litimus test of fun.

You also asked for a possible validation or a reason for including wvw maps for the map completion title.  I can offer you one example based on my experiences. I never had any intention of playing wvw.  My only interest was in pve when I purchased the game.  I went to the wvw only for the purpose of map completion but found wvw extremely fun to play.   I am not a hardcore wvw player but I would say I spend about 10 - 20% of my time in wvw.  If their goal was to introduce players like myself who never had any intentions of wvw to that aspect of the game, it worked for me.

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