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new screen play writers

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#1 whodini


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 23 January 2013 - 09:49 AM

I know it's not just me. The writing for gw2 needs help. Heard ppl say how much better it was in gw1. I myself didn't see that great of a Storyline in those campaigns either.  Anet wants this to be epic. Then they should turn there heads somewhere else. To me epic categorizes remembering something I cared about in the game and how much of an impact it had in the story. So I look back at one of the most epic games in history. to me final fantasy was as epic as you could get . Any one who has played the series had feelings for at least one of those characters. It kept so much open to think about what could happen or guessing what comes next. I see alot of final fantasy in the art work of gw2 . Even some of the weapons came from there. The guado who were ppl who lived in the trees and no one knew where they came from other than they were in tune with mother nature and resembled to be part of the trees themselves. So now that I pointed out where I think the sylvari came from and how huge that game was. It changed RPG forever. The game still has a following.  With that said I think with the money anet has invested why
don't they hire that Guy.(don't ask me to spell it. Getting late and on my Droid.)  If not him anyone feel free to speak up to anet and tell them what epic writer you want doing gw2. Obviously they need Someone with a creative mind to turn things around.  They really need an s.o.s signal

#2 Jentari


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Posted 23 January 2013 - 09:25 PM

Some of the writing in GW2 is ok, granted it wouldn't make a bestsellers list but it is fine.  The problem I have with the writing starts when Trehearne takes over.  It kinda goes downhill from there.

#3 whodini


    Asuran Acolyte

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Posted 24 January 2013 - 04:14 AM

Just my point. I'm not going to turn my head from 5 yrs from now and remember any of this stuff.  Anet wants players  to do that then they need the
Best. I can't believe from what I hear in game and on forum that no one wants to throw out any game writers.  Even resident evil was better than this stuff.  There are better writers out there than what both gw1 and 2 had or have. If people are content with 3rd rate writing than I'll stop here. This game deserves more

Still love the game and to me most likely the game as whole will be epic then i will turn my head and think it could have been better

#4 Daenerys


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Posted 25 January 2013 - 04:29 AM

Okay, as someone who writes, I don't know if you can count GW2's writers as screenplay writers.

Anyway: I do sort of agree, the story isn't as overly awesome as they kind of made it out to be. My ranger has been 80 for a while now, and I haven't done anything past that big fight with Trahearne. My other characters' storylines are also suffering from neglect, although I really do want to repair that.

The concepts behind and of GW2 and the stories of the game and world are amazing and there are so many opportunities for totally awesome story lines. If they focused on the more awesome parts of their game, the story would probably be more enjoyable. I get the feeling that a lot of the quests and "sub-plots" are filler content between slightly more enjoyable parts.

Questions? Comments? Conversation? Drop me a message!

#5 Gerroh


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Posted 25 January 2013 - 04:50 AM

The problem is GW2's caught in a bit of a limbo.
It kinda wants to be serious, but kinda wants to be goofy.
It kinda wants to your character to be you, but it restricts your choices and tells a story of someone else.

I'm fine with either extreme, usually I prefer goofy with the character being me(See TES games, Idc how serious they try to be, those games are derpy as hell), and serious with it being the story of someone else(See Final Fantasy games made by Squaresoft).

This makes GW2 really awkward and jerky. At one point Tybalt is polymorphed and making me laugh my goddamn ass off, and the next moment it's SRS BSNS.
I get to design and name my character and choose their path, but the paths available to me are often not what I'd choose.
That and the whole story is very predictable and generic. I don't have an issue with Trahearne, in fact he's one of my favourite characters, and not just because he pisses everyone off. In fact, I wouldn't say Anet has issues with characters themselves, as the idiots from Destiny's Edge all seem like real characters (even if one of them is an immense douche), and there are so many other characters in the game that have an actual personality, who you can get used to and understand.

The problem is just that they're caught in limbo, as I said, and the story itself is quite bland and generic, likely to keep it simple so the dumbasses can understand and to make it flexible so that everyone from every race can do the same thing.

I don't think Anet's going to be able to get out of the aforementioned awkwardness, though, as people would be pissed if you took away their choices and made it a serious story of someone else, but at the same time I just don't think GW2 could pull off a goofy fun story like Borderlands and Orcs Must Die do.

(And saying the sylvari are guado inspired is complete lunacy)

Edited by Gerroh, 25 January 2013 - 04:54 AM.

#6 Jentari


    Vanguard Scout

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Posted 25 January 2013 - 05:12 AM

Gerroh, while I don't hold Trehearne in as likeable position as you do, I will say that I do agree with your other points.  While I don't see any real improvement to the writing for the next expansion (most likely most of it, the writing, is already done) maybe for an expansion after that it will improve.  I understand Trehearne, but I do hope that in future expansions the writing is better and it centers more on us.

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