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Concept Profession: Spiritualist

profession new spiritualist concept future guild wars 2

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Posted 24 January 2013 - 02:39 AM

Profession: Spiritualist

Since the waters surged, and the drowned city of Orr rose from the depths, Canthan Ritualists have been evolving. The Ritualist, finding themselves cut off from their ghostly ancestors by some unknown force, have evolved, learning to harness their own spirits in battle. The Ritualist has become the Spiritualist, and the Spiritualist rushes into battle with their soul tied to their Soul Jars.
Once garbed in light clothes for easy of movement, the now heavily built ritualist relies on armor to protect his soul-deficient body.

The main mechanic for this class is similar to rangers' spirits, or stationary objects with certain passive abilities, but the health of the Spiritualist is tied to them as well.
· When Soul Jars are deployed, the Spiritualist sacrifices a portion of their total health into it.
· If a Soul Jar is destroyed, the health is returned to the player.
· If the Spiritualist is downed, they are teleported back to their first Soul Jar and the Jar is destroyed. Jars can also be destroyed manually by the player, and will cause an active effect upon destruction (granting boons).
· Spiritualists can have a maximum of 4 Soul Jars, each representing about a 10th of their total health.
· With all 4 soul jars 'up', the Spiritualist will have sacrificed about 40% of their health.
· Soul jars cannot be affected by conditions or boons.
· Soul jars are invisible for 3 seconds after they're deployed
· Soul jars can be ground-targeted with the appropriate trait

Since they wield soul magic, Spiritualists believe that the best soul is found in the best receptacle. Thus they train their bodies extensively, and wear heavy armor to protect their bodies when they have sacrificed their health.

The core mechanic of the Spiritualist is the deployment of the Soul Jars. Soul Jars can act as damage, support or defense.

Special skills:
The f1-f4 skills are each a Soul Jar; Chi (Head), Shen (Foot), Qing (Heart) and Bai (Arm) . The Spiritualist can have a maximum of 4 of any type.
· Bai : The Defensive Jar. Pulses, knocking back enemies and provides Protection
· Chi : The Offensive Jar. Pulses, causing bleeding and providing Might
· Qing: The Supportive Jar. Pulses, causing poison and providing Regeneration
· Shen: The Speed Jar. Pulses, causing cripple and providing Swiftness
These have no cool downs out of combat, and will remain passive until activated or the Spiritualist enters into combat. They are also placed where the caster summons them; they cannot be moved unless they are deliberately destroyed by the Spiritualist. They become ground targeted when a trait is acquired.

Rituals: The spiritualist maintains a connection with their history with rituals, skills that have a long channel, during which they are invulnerable to damage( but not control effects,) and after which they are crippled and bleeding. Each ritual has a long cooldown and are stronger depending on how many spirit jars the Spiritualist has in play.
Rituals come in several types, but essentially they are designed for big groups. They do large damage and have a large range. Soul jars are sacrificed to give time to Rituals, each Jar giving 3 sec of ritual time. Rituals cause the Spiritualist to be invulnerable, but they can still be crowd controlled. Rituals are Utility Skills, and chains. Each Soul Jar sacrificed allows the next skill in the chain to unlock. A fully charged ritual will last 12 seconds.

Dolls: Dolls represent a voodoo element of play for the spiritualist. Dolls come in two types, self-bonded "Benevolent" and opponent-bonded "Malicious". Dolls follow the toon they are bonded to, do not attack or defend, and otherwise do not do anything, except take damage. Benevolent Dolls provide protection for the toons they are bonded to, but Malicious dolls double damage by applying vulnerability until they die. Dolls are tied to weapons, with mainhands having friendly dolls and offhands having malicious dolls. Only one doll can be bonded to a toon or NPC/mob at any time.
How exactly will this work? Similar to the Mesmer's Phantasmal Defender, Dolls have a certain amount of health which will be drained when they are hit. Dolls are targeted directly and killed. Benevolent Dolls absorb damage whilst Malicious Dolls reflect it. A possible elite skill for the spiritualist could be multiple Malicious or Benevolent dolls able to be cast upon a toon. Some dolls apply bleed, others poison, others vulnerability, others cripple etc.

Example Weapons
The spiritualist is a caster in heavy armor, for a good reason. Seriously lacking in health when sacrificed, they mitigate damage through their Soul Jars. Examples of weapons include
· Staff
· Main Hand Scepter
· Main Hand Dagger
· Offhand Dagger
· Offhand Focus
· Offhand Torch
· Offhand Shield
· Trident
The Mainhand weapons are mainly ranged, and offhand weapons are ranged/melee.

How will this fit in?
The unique playstyle that this reflects is "damage portioning". Essentially the prepared spiritualist cannot be one-shotted, as they will have up to 5 health bars, being their own and 4 smaller health receptacles with 10% of their total health.

Preparation, Preparation, Preparation, it can't be said enough. Caught off-guard and without Jars, the Spiritualist has no access to their Rituals. They will be like Mesmers without illusions, Thieves without Stealth, Necromancers without Death Shroud.
At 100 Health, the Spiritualist jars will be worth 10, and at 10,000 Health they will naturally each be worth 1000.

An analogy that suits this profession is the plover; a bird which distracts predators and leads them away from their eggs. In the same way, the Spiritualist aims to distract mobs by out-aggroing their soul jars, hopefully leading them away from their lifelines. The Spiritualist can solo with some preparation. If they have deployed their Soul Jars, then they can mitigate damage and can support themselves. However, they must remember that the Jars contain 10% of their Health, and a destruction of the jar hurts them. AoE spells the death of a spiritualist.

The Spiritualist's aim in single PvP is to protect their jars. They deal damage while hopefully drawing their opponents away from their jars. Jars also give benefits to the Spiritualist, and the spiritualist can regain their health by releasing their souls from the soul jar. Spiritualists can also finish their opponents with Rituals if they're sure that the ritual will kill off the opponent. Applying Dolls can also aid the Spiritualist, both in protection and in damage dealing. Dolls are a major help in sPvp.

The Spiritualist uses their jars to buff and debuff by placing their jars in the fray of battle. However, where they put their jars is important, as they cannot be moved once dropped, and will only provide AoE effects. Rituals, whilst not providing damage-offensive support, causes havoc by twisting the souls of the areas, and provide serious crowd control. Applying Dolls to teammates and enemies will also affect tide of battle.

Right, so i came up with the concept a while ago, and after playing more and tweaking the class so it doesn't copy any mechanics of the other professions, this is the near-final draft. Hoping there are any experienced players with good in-game mechanics knowledge who can help me further refine the concept.

Cheers, Redrex
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#2 actionjack


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Posted 29 January 2013 - 02:00 AM

I like it alot, especially the theme and mechanic.

One minor personal thing I am not too big on, is the theme of jars. Somehow make me feel too Egyptian. Rather see it as "Zun", or ritual drawing on the ground, with a ghost floating out of it.

Also had some idea off it too.. might try to put it on paper later.

Good work.
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#3 Redrex


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Posted 31 January 2013 - 02:19 AM

Hi, I've been developing the idea on the official forums


check it out!
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