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US - Order of the Black Lion is recruiting


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Posted 24 January 2013 - 09:30 AM

What are we about?

Short version:
Military hierarchical style technocratic clan government. PvE, PvP, WVWVW. GW1 veterans since GW1 beta. Been around for about 14 years under different clan names but same style. Any level may join. No age limit but 18+ preferred. We train members.OBL is an international guild, based on an american server. All nationalities welcome.

Recruiting to the Jade Quary server.

Long version:
Normally, we just put "Deeds not Words" as our description and let everyone find out what that means the hard way. But Guild Wars 2 does not have permadeath or even semi-permadeath. You just respawn without much of a loss. the average player expects guilds to say things like "social" and "laid back", "friendly" and "mature". Some strange people might even go as far as to claim to be "democratic".

Deeds not Words is our history... our legacy.

When we are attacked... we don't go and start a meeting, discuss for hours what we will do about it... no... we act.
We don't gather up and blindly recruit hundreds of members and then expect them to magically work like a team.... no, we trainthem.

Every epic victory we've had, every victory that mattered, was preceded by hundreds of losses and mistakes made in the security of our training halls.

If you want to join us, sure, we're social, laid-back, friendly and mature, but in a military hierarchical style with a focus on improvement and playing to win and progress.

Don't expect to be made officer though. Every officer we have, has that position for a reason. Not because they're friends or because they're high level, those aren't good reasons. Because they need that position to fulfill whatever duty they accepted withinthe guild/clan.

We PvP, we PvE, we WvWvW . We don't roleplay though.

We do not have an age limit. We do however, cultivate an atmosphere geared towards 18+. the younger members we have are usually children of older members we have.

If you choose to join us, remember out warcry...


Apply at http://www.oblhq.com or contact Takeo Lionheart or Don Zardeone

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